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Life never seems to slow down around here.  It just keeps on rolling.  I come up to catch my breath every evening (and sometimes during nap time) and then dive right back in to whatever comes next.  Perhaps that's exactly why time seems to speed up as we get older?  We're always prepping for the next holiday, next outing, next meal.  And while I try to fully immerse myself in the moment when those things actually happen, I think kids have the lucky end of the deal.  They lack responsibility and are allowed to just be... most of the time anyway.  The relativity of their short little lives makes every day seem long and a year drag on for eternity.  Sometimes I wish I could go back.  But I suppose I'll just be content to live vicariously through them, enjoying their youth and zest for life while appreciating my own experience and sprouting wisdom.

Anyway, that was a bit of tangent.  Just what have we been up to?  Well...

::  Bron made two personal firsts in one night when he replaced both my kitchen faucet and installed a new toilet in the boys' bathroom.  Our house is starting to show her age.  I found a puddle underneath my kitchen sink one afternoon from a faulty hose.  And the boys' toilet was getting plugged nearly every time it was flushed; nothing out of the ordinary was clogging it.  Poor Bron.  It was so aggravating for him to always have a new thing pop up on his "honey-do" list to fix.  So a few trips to the local hardware stores and a midnight bedtime for Bron meant new plumbing was successfully installed!

P.S.  It's really hard to live without a kitchen sink for a day.  I had to fill up a water jug for drinking from the hose!

^^Playing in the hose.  All my boys can be found near the water whenever it's on.  Love it.^^
^^Conrad's new favorite game: ring the doorbell.  I love that he has to stand on a stool!  Too funny.^^

::  Girls' Camp!  Young Women's Camp was and still is one of my favorite childhood memories.  I kind of wish I could be a young women's leader at church for forever.  I got to sneak away to join the girls in the South Hills for half a day twice.  The girls can be so fun!  On the other hand, some girls suffer from some severe anxieties and issues.  It makes me pause to wonder just what is going on though all I can do is show support and love.

::  My mom and family came out for a short visit one Sunday afternoon.  We ate dinner, talked, and the boys tortured their uncles.  Good times.

::  I've discovered that using ear plugs helps me sleep like a rock!  I've become such a light sleeper since becoming a mom.  I'm like a bat with echolocation.  Knocking out that one sense keeps me from hearing everything from the wind outside to Bron's snoring.  It's wonderful.  I no longer have to poke the bear to roll over.  It's a win-win of sleeping bliss!

^^Kayaking with Dad at Bass Lake.^^

I hesitate to throw this picture of myself in here.  I'm so self-conscious of my weight right now.  I have never in my life been this heavy for so long.  I've been at the exact same weight for a year.  So the warnings are true: a third baby in your thirties does a number on a girl's figure.  I've been trying to lose the weight through diet and exercise but these ten extra pounds sure are stubborn.  I'm coming to realize that I'm going to have to be patient and even more stubborn!  Wish me luck.

On the bright side though, I am thankful every day to have the strength to play with my boys, run, and mountain bike.  I'm healthy and it's a blessing.  Plus, none of my boys seem to give a rat's fart about how much I weigh so that's reassuring; they love me regardless of how I look.  

^^My water baby with a bucket.  Conrad is busy and fun to play with at Bass Lake!^^
^^I tell him over and over, "Yucky!  Don't drink the water, Conrad!" but he doesn't listen very well.  Plus, it's super cute and I have to grab a picture.  Crossing my fingers his immune system is up to the challenge.^^
^^Levi just before his big cannon ball splash!^^

::  I've been trying to keep up with my very part-time photography business that I really don't have time for any more.  I shot a wedding and a fantastic extended family session this month.  I feel torn when it comes to Rock Creek Photography.  On one hand, I love interacting with people and the challenge of making pictures that they love.  On the other hand, coordinating schedules with Bron or a babysitter can be quite stressful.  I also feel like the time it takes to edit infringes on the time I should be spending with my family, so I edit only during nap time and after the boys go to bed.  But bed times are getting later and chatting with Bron in the evenings is high on my list of priorities because it keeps our relationship alive.  Plus, when am I supposed to fit in time for editing and blogging my personal things--the creative outlet I absolutely love that keeps me happy and challenged and sane?  Anyways, just thoughts.  My business will most likely fizzle out and the fire rekindled in a few years.

::  Baseball.  Enough said.  Ukulele lessons for Jed.  And Levi just started piano lessons!

^^The Weed Master.  Conrad helped his dad remove a bunch of dandelions one evening and took them to the burn pile.^^
^^Does it seem like Conrad is my favorite child right now?  He's totally the cutest and easiest to photograph!^^
^^How Conrad sometimes hugs the dog.  Haha.^^

::  Bron cut down two full trees in the front yard and replaced them with six rose bushes.  We went to the nursery together to pick them out, all different gorgeous colors.  I hope they all take because it's going to smell like candy in the front yard each summer from now on.  

We also brought home a tomato plant and planted three pumpkin plants.  You guys, if we get orange pumpkins of any size it's going to be a miracle.  My bet is that the poor plants will shrivel up and die before they can even blossom.  I have a true black thumb.  Keeping anything alive other than children just doesn't come naturally to me.  I mean, I've killed succulents and a cactus.  How?!?  I try so hard! 

June, you've been good.


  1. I totally get the whole stress of the part-time photography gig...on the one hand, I like it because it continually helps me to grow and stretch in my own abilities (and it provides a little side income), but it's hard to balance it with family time and with other-hobby time (that usually sounds much more appealing than editing). People are always giving me suggestions on how to grow my business, but I'm constantly having to tell them that I'm TRYING to keep it super part-time, ha ha---I'm just not in a place right now where I want to be having shoots every weekend.

    And losing weight is tough, and getting tougher for me too. I eventually had to reach the point where I just had to embrace exercise because I loved it and not for its weight-loss potential and start dressing quite a bit different than I did in my 20's. (For the record though, I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about in posting that photo! You look strong and beautiful!)

  2. I can relate to so much of this! Losing weight in your 30s, hobbies/work/family balance(that time after kids are in bed is so important to us as well to just regroup for the next day), constantly prepping for what’s next in the day/week/year, etc. I guess it’s just what comes with this phase of life. But you guys all look happy and beautiful and Conrad looks so sweet in all the pictures. Babies really are the cutest. Haha


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