A Weekend in McCall with My Sweetheart

Bron and I snuck away to McCall, Idaho for the weekend; a quiet relaxing weekend for just the two of us.  These getaways mean the world to us and our marriage.  For us, it is one of the best ways to reconnect.  I left my big camera at home and opted to remember this trip through phone snapshots.  It was a good decision.  We had so much fun.

A BIG THANK YOU to my mom who agreed to watch the boys.  I don't think they even missed us.

We arrived early Friday afternoon with plenty of time to kill and no particular items on our agenda.  So we scoped out a local hot springs and jumped in!  I admit, it felt a little weird not to have the kids with us.  They've become my buffer?  My excuse to act like a kid?  My why to keep moving and stay busy?  They are all of those things.  It felt relaxing to be a grown up in the hottest section of the pool and just hang out... to almost run out of things to talk about in public, but we didn't.

We watched the sunset over Payette Lake that night, ate dinner, and found the biggest, most delicious ice cream cones to eat in Ice Cream Alley.  Bron ate so much it made him sick!  Haha.  But he couldn't possibly waste that good stuff, could he?

Saturday was a mountain bike riding marathon!  Literally.  We went on three different rides (the third was on a whim) and covered a total of 28 miles... with lunch and dinner and a dip for our toes in the lake in between, of course!  McCall has some of the best trails I've ever ridden.  Plus it was breathtakingly beautiful.  All we could talk about was coming back and bringing the boys! 

^^Taken on our last ride through Ponderosa State Park.  If we stopped, we got eaten alive by mosquitos.  And so it became a sprint!  I'll never forget it.^^

Sunday morning, we chose a more quiet and tranquil activity by renting a tandem kayak and exploring what's called the Meanders on the north end of Payette Lake.  I geeked over the reflections of the trees and sky in the water.  Idaho is a gem.   

^^My Honey^^

Then on the way back to Boise, there was a fire and traffic got backed up, detoured, and delayed and we got irritated.  It took fooorever to get home.  Worth it, though?  Oh yeah.  Definitely worth it.

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