Summer Sunsets in the Backyard

Shameless boys!  Hands-down, one of my favorite things about summer time is just hanging out in the backyard after dinner watching my boys play while the sun sets.  It's my happy place.  There's almost always water involved.  And when water and golden light come together with my favorite subjects, my heart sings.  A little heaven on earth.

Scroll down... I saved the best for last.

^^Taking a sip.  Eeew!^^
^^Face first head dunk!^^
^^Spinning Superman!^^
^^My one year old getting the hang of the big boy swing.^^
^^Picking on their baby brother!^^
^^Look close.  All three, doing their thing.^^
^^On this particular night, Jed and Levi stripped down to their underwear for an epic water fight in the hose.^^

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