Baseball Season

We just wrapped up yet another baseball season.  It was Jed's first year doing machine pitch and Levi's second year doing T-ball.  Baseball season always brings a bit of busyness to the beginning of summer, (And let's be honest, a little bit of stress too.  "Dinner promptly at 5PM so we can be there before 6!  Where's your mitt?  Put on your jersey!") but having boys in sports is really growing on me in the best of ways.

It was fun to have something to do on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  I enjoyed chatting with other folks in the community.  But above all, it was rewarding to watch my boys improve, learn team skills, and just all around enjoy the sport!  Jed improved the most this season, I think.  He struck out and never got on base his first few games but got three solid hits his last game!  The confidence he suddenly exuded in the outfield blew me away.  So, so, fun.  Win or lose, I'm a proud mama.  

^^Watch out!  Levi's at bat.^^
^^Running home to score.  That too big helmet had me laughing.^^
^^Levi happened to be on the same team as his best friend, Rhett, and his little sister, Paisley!  Good times.^^

A little down dog practice in the spectator stands.  Haha.  Conrad entertained himself well at the games.  He doesn't have a shy bone in his body.  I had to keep a close eye on him because he'd walk off to talk and play with anyone!  But he was so cute that he made friends wherever he went.  Worse yet, he's a runner.  Conrad has been known to look behind him with a giggle just to make sure I was chasing him!

^^Go Kimberly Red Dawgs!^^
^^Go Black Knights!^^
^^Melt me (and Bron)!  Conrad gives the best hugs.^^
^^On this particular night, the Black Knights played against Rhett's big brother and sister's team.  So the three hung out behind home plate and watched the game.^^
^^When baseball gets a little slow...^^
^^Jed playing catcher and Wyatt at bat.^^

Long live baseball!  We'll be back again next year.

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