A Day in the Life 2018

Weclome to the sixth annual "day in the life" post.  These started in 2013 as a way for me to document our routine and the change that inevitably happens from year to year.  There's nothing special or spectacular about the photos.  In fact, some photos are just downright dull.  But somewhere hidden within lies the beauty: this is our life and these are our moments.  These are the people I love.  As life marches steadily on, these routines become a memory as my children grow and mature.  Being able to freeze time through photos is a gift for myself.  I had no idea how much these yearly posts would mean to me when I began and I am happy to have added yet another year to the stack.

Though I wedged this project in by documenting the very last Friday of the school year, it seemed appropriate anyhow because with Jed's ukulele lessons, every Friday this year has been a variation of this one.


Friday May 25, 2018 started out just like any other school day.  Jed's alarm went off at precisely 7:00 AM and I heard him moving around the house.  I rolled myself out of bed, dressed myself in workout gear, and met him in the kitchen all ready with his clothes and shoes on.  I asked Jed if he'd like yogurt, mini wheats and a banana, or toast for breakfast.  Jed opted for toast--pushed through the toaster twice.  He likes it burnt.  Silly kid.  When his toast popped up, I slathered on the peanut butter and sat him down at the table with a glass of milk.  Then I made sure Jed's backpack was in order, sprayed his bedhead hair with water and combed it to the side.  There.  Looking good for school.  Finally, I sat down next to Jed and pulled out my phone for a few minutes of scripture reading together.  At exactly 7:26 AM it was time for Jed to put on his backpack and head out the door.  I kissed him on the face and told him I loved him and to have a good day.  "I'll pick you up from school today for uke lessons," I reminded him.  And then he was off running down the driveway to the bus stop.

^^Breakfast for Jed: burnt peanut butter toast and milk.^^

Next, I pulled on a pair of running shoes and slipped out the door for a quick three mile run.   Three kids has really challenged me to make time to exercise.  Kids are just demanding and exhausting and really, if I just had enough self-discipline to go to bed early, it would solve all my exercising woes.  But Bron and I have this bad habit of staying up late to binge watch Brooklyn 99 and chat in the silence.  It's so nice.  Worth it!  So this is what I'm pulling off maybe three days a week: a half hour run or bike ride or yoga at 7:30 AM just after I get Jed on the bus to school and just before Conrad wakes up.  It works.  Sorta.

I came home just after 8:00 AM from my run to greet Levi and Bron in the living room.  Levi was in his pajamas watching cartoons.  Bron was ready for the day and working on his computer.  He got home from Montana the night before.  Mornings after interstate work runs are usually slow for Bron.  He needs the extra rest and I love having him home for a little while!     

^^A little yoga headstand.  Yesss!  I'm so cool.^^

After some push-ups and stretching, it was time for breakfast!  I've been whipping myself up some eggs or an oatmeal/yogurt/fruit bowl lately.  The three of us talked and Bron mocked my documentary picture taking which made Levi laugh.  While eating, we heard Conrad finally wake in his room.

When Bron is home, he truly enjoys going in to Conrad's room for the first smiles and hugs of the day.  And I don't blame him.  It's the best!  Conrad really is our happy little gift.

Important note: Conrad is too busy to lay still on his changing table and often tries to get out of a fresh diaper by standing up and wrapping his arms around mine or Bron's neck.  He holds on so tight and often wears the biggest smile.  They are hands-down the SWEETEST hugs!  I hope Conrad never outgrows them. 

Then Levi requested that Bron turn on Enter Sandman by Metallica and thus, a rock dance party ensued.

In those few minutes between a diaper change and dancing, Conrad found his monkey backpack (the same monkey backpack that Jed was obsessed with a few years ago!) and insisted he wear it.  It wasn't very long before Conrad decided he was starving and was ready to eat breakfast... with his monkey. Is it the mommy goggles or is it just the cutest thing ever?

While Conrad ate toast and strawberries with milk, I asked Levi to do his daily chore: empty the dishwasher.  The music was still playing, so that day, Levi did it in hard rock style.

About this time, Bron kissed us goodbye and left for work.

Next, it was time for me to get some things done around the house: dishes, sweep the floor, cut a pineapple, put together a lunch for Levi's field trip, and put the last couple loads of laundry away.  (Ya know, the laundry that I started on Monday.)  Oh, and shower.  By Friday I've pretty much accomplished all the necessary things on my to-do list and I'm ready to take it easy.  While I worked, Levi and Conrad entertained themselves in the front courtyard outside.

^^I love how he still has to reach way above his head for the door handle.  Cute short thing.^^
^^My view from the kitchen of Levi in his pajamas walking the wall.^^
^^Levi's lunch for his field trip to the park!^^
^^Conrad chugging his milk while sitting in a big leftover box from my new kitchen chairs that I picked up the night before.  Believe me, our old chairs were becoming a hazard!^^
^^Conrad needs to be near me most of the time.  Here he is playing with the buttons on our bed frame.  Bron and I bought a bed that raises to help him (okay, me) with his snoring.  It's become a toy for Conrad.^^

While I'm trying to get things done, I'm juggling these two busy bodies.  There's never a dull moment and I never seem to get a quiet moment to myself.  If I do, I inevitably have a mess to clean up!  Haha.  Oh well.  This is the life I chose as a mother to boys, right?  Anyway, Levi asked if he could paint the big box.  So I helped him get set up and told him to keep the plate of paint away from Conrad.

At 11:00AM it was time to stop everything and get Levi ready for school.  I made sure he had appropriate clothes on, shoes on, his hair brushed, face mostly clean, and backpack put together.  But most importantly, it was time to eat lunch.  That day, Levi just needed a snack because of his field trip, so I fed the boys crackers and cheese and orange slices.  It was a nice day so we ate outside.  The boys preferred to eat inside the box.

^^Those double chipmunk cheeks are hilarious!^^

Finally, we headed down the road to the bus stop.  The bus arrives anywhere between 11:35AM and 11:45AM; it just depends on the day.

^^Waiting on the corner.^^
^^Conrad waving to our neighbor.  He gets excited about lawn mowers and I think he secretly hopes that Dwayne will pick him up for a ride one day.^^
^^See ya later, Levi!  Have a good day at kindergarten!^^

After Levi loaded the bus, Conrad and I walked back to the house to play in the backyard for a half hour.  Conrad absolutely LOVES playing outside, so this is our time to enjoy some fun one-on-one time.

^^Those chubby little scraped-up knee details have my heart.^^

Time for a nap!  Conrad and I read a story.  Then I turned on his sound machine and wrapped him up in his favorite soft red blanket to sing him a song.  Sometimes he screams.  Other times, I'm able to lay him down quietly in his crib and he waves goodbye to me.  Melt me with cuteness!

At last, a little quiet time for myself.  I resisted the urge to take a nap and finished getting ready for the day instead by putting on some makeup.  Then I tackled a simple chore, scrolled through my phone for too long, and figured out how to install Adobe Creative Cloud on my brand new computer that I was dyyying to use!  (I'm so spoiled.  It arrived the night before too!)

I heard Conrad stirring around 2:30PM so I went in to his room to get my daily hug quota.      

^^Sleepy but happy bed head.^^

Next, it was time to load up in the car with snacks and Jed's ukulele and books to pick the boys up from school.  They get out at 3:10 PM.  We made a mad dash across town to get to Jed's lessons at 3:30 PM.  We're almost always three minutes late no matter what.

I killed some time in the car with Conrad before going in to the music store where Jed's lessons are held.  I spied on Jed to make sure he was doing okay and then followed Conrad over to his favorite toy: the electric drum set!  

^^Jed with his patient teacher, Mark Tatro.^^

It was Friday, we were in town, and I didn't feel like cooking.  It was a perfect time to use those 'kids eat free' coupons at the Pizza Pie Café that Jed and Levi earned.  We met Bron over there for dinner and enjoyed an all you can eat buffet meal together.  The boys even ate second helpings of pasta with fettucine sauce--their favorite! 

^^Goof balls.^^

Bron had a brilliant idea.  He had stopped at home and grabbed our bag full of gear. So it was off to the climbing gym for us!  We have a membership, so taking the kids is a cheap but fun thing to do and an opportunity to use that membership.  Because we have to keep an eye on Conrad, Bron and I couldn't belay each other.  Instead, the trip to the gym became all about the boys. 

Jed is terrified of heights, but with a little encouragement he warmed up to the kids' bouldering area and did great.  Attach a rope to him though and it becomes another story!  Haha.  I hope as we continue to take him that he will learn to trust the rope and overcome his fear. 

Levi is just a determined little dude who does anything he puts his mind to and is super competitive.  He'll be out climbing me in a few years for sure. 

We named Conrad after a famous climber so it should come as no surprise that that kid has an amazing grip and strength for a one year old!  He's fearless too.  He climbed all the way to the top of the wall with our help and wouldn't come down! 

I hope rock climbing becomes a family activity that we can enjoy together--both indoors and outdoors!   

^^Jed and Levi racing up the kids' bouldering wall.^^

Finally, one last stop before heading home: the dreaded Wal Mart.  Levi was in dire need of a new pair of tennis shoes.  We figured a pair of cheap ones should last through summer's hikes and activities, right?  Keeping our fingers crossed.

^^Levi's new cheap kicks.^^

At last: home and bed.  Time for jammies, teeth, and prayers.  Conrad was falling apart at the seams, so he got put down fast.  Bron read the big boys a story.  Then I sung a lullabye and tucked Jed and Levi into bed with a goodnight kiss.

Another ordinary but great day down in the books!  We live a charmed life.  I pray that I can recognize our blessings and be thankful for the abundance of wealth and health that we are lucky enough to enjoy daily.

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  1. I love day in the life posts! I've been doing them yearly (or sometimes twice yearly) too, and it's so crazy to see how much life changes, just because in the moment, the day-in, day-out SAHM life routine seems to just always be the same, but it really isn't! Love all the photos, as usual :)


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