Fishing with Hot Dogs at Bass Lake

It's that time of year again we've all been looking forward to for weeks!  We made our first trip to Bass Lake on Friday.  Hip-hip-hooray!  It was too cool and overcast for swimming, so the boys opted to go fishing and play in the sand instead.  Bron even met us out there for a little while.  It was paradise for three full hours.  Never mind the fact that everything unraveled fast as soon as we got home and the boys were all in bed by 7pm.  The good memories made at the lake far outweigh everything else that day.

This is our last season at Bass Lake, so we're not taking any days there for granted.  Our membership to the lake is paid through Bron's company... the one he switched from about a month ago.  When Bron was in his boss' office, he admitted to Todd that my biggest hang-up about the job switch was the loss of our membership to Bass Lake.  And that's when Todd suggested I keep using it!  He has no one else to give the membership to at the moment, so why not keep using it.  Wow!  I wish I could hug him.  It means so much to me!  I'm hopelessly attracted to bodies of water and Bass Lake feels like a local Eden.    

Funny story, while at Sportsman's picking up fishing hooks and sinkers, the boys got talking to a man about Bass Lake.  He said he used to fish there when he was a boy.  And that's when Jed and Levi started with the fish stories.  "We caught a fish that was thiiis big!" they bragged holding out their arms from side to side.  I laughed.  It starts young, I tell ya.

So let's play two truths and a lie.

Over the last two seasons at Bass Lake we have:

A.  Caught a fish that was three feet long
B.  Caught a fish that was promptly eaten by another bigger fish (essentially a two for one scenario)
C.  Caught a turtle

Answers are at the bottom of this post.

^^Bron, Jed, and Levi out on the dock below the Perrine Bridge.^^
^^He thinks he's fishing.  Really, there wasn't a hook on the line.^^
^^Jed's first catch of the day!^^

This moment was hilarious. Conrad watched curiously as Jed removed the hook to toss the fish back into the water.  When Conrad finally felt brave enough to touch the fish too, he jumped back.  He must've touched a poky fin because it scared him!  Haha.  Sweet boy.  He's experiencing so many new things this year.

^^Jed helping Levi remove the hook from his fish.^^
^^Conrad chowing down on the fish bait: hot dogs.^^
^^Playing at the park!^^
^^Snack time and summer bare toes.^^
^^Sharing a chair and Cheetos.  I'm noticing more opportunities to catch them being goofy together this summer.^^
^^Tangle of long legs^^

^^Snack powder.  Yum!^^

A = FALSE  B and C = TRUE

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