Happy New Year! Quick 2017 Recap

What a year!  2017 was our first year as a family of five.  It was such a joy and juggling act.  It was also the year my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The year was chuck full of personal triumphs and personal failures.  And a year our loving Heavenly Father poured out innumerable sweet blessings.

I'm honestly not quite sure what to expect for 2018, but I'm working on a small list of goals.  In short, I want to be more intentional over the next twelve months.  I want to keep my priorities in order.  I want to use my time wisely to take care of myself, to pray and read my scriptures, and to show my family that they are my first loves.

Let's take a look at what happened in 2017:

January:  We experienced sub zero temperatures and a snow storm that canceled school.  We beat the winter blues by taking the boys out on their very first snowshoeing adventure.  I caught Conrad's sweet smile on camera for the first time and he was blessed by his Dadddy in church. 

February:  Another blizzard blew in and the boys had two more snow days!  We also enjoyed a wonderful weekend tucked away at a cabin in the mountains of Utah for a Wade family reunion.  While visiting Utah, Conrad met his Great Grandma Smith for the first time.

March:  During Spring Break, I took the boys to see the Lego Batman Movie in the theater and we visited the Nelson Dairy where we met baby Flint for the first time and got to tour Nicole's family's sheep farm.  Bron and I also escaped to Sun Valley (with Conrad in tow) for an overnight getaway.

April:  We celebrated Easter, Conrad ate his first solid meal, and Jed turned seven years old!  Jed also performed as a rabbit in his very first school play.  Then Bron and I traveled to St. George with friends for a weekend to rock climb, mountain bike, and hike in the sunshine.

May:  I enjoyed a girls' weekend at BYU Women's Conference with my mom, aunt, cousins, and grandma.  The entire Nelson family spent a day rock climbing at Castle Rocks.  Conrad learned to sit up by himself.  And last but certainly not least, my sister Lauren was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. 

June:  Bron and I raced in the River Dash Kayathalon.  It was also the month the little boys and I began our weekly trips to Bass Lake--our personal piece of paradise beneath the Perrine Bridge.

July:  We went camping at City of Rocks with friends for two nights and sat directly under the fireworks show in Burley on the 4th of July.  We also went raspberry picking at Grandma Nelson's house.  But the highlight was our family vacation to Bear Lake where we went hiking, swimming, boating, and ate delicious raspberry milkshakes.

August: We experienced Totality during the Great American Eclipse.  Bron and I mountain biked in the Pierre's Hole race again.  Levi turned five years old.  And the kids started school: 2nd grade and kindergarten.

September:  Bron ran the Cedar City Half Marathon.  Conrad got his first ear infection.  Our family spent a memorable day hiking to Titus Lake and back.

October: We enjoyed all things Fall by visiting the pumpkin patch and celebrating Halloween.  Conrad took his first steps.  I flew to Arizona to visit my sister and participate in the "Love for Lauren" 5k race.

November:  Conrad turned one year old and we celebrated Thanksgiving.

December:  Levi had his appendix removed.  Bron and I enjoyed dates to the new climbing gym that just opened.  We visited Crystal Hot Springs as a family, went sledding, and celebrated Christmas.


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