Christmas Day 2017

I'm so excited to share some Christmas pictures!  Every Christmas just seems so to feel more exciting and special as the boys are at such fun ages.  Jed and Levi are full blown believers while Conrad is just taking it all in with wide curious eyes.  The magic of Christmas was real at our house this year all because of these three.

Christmas Eve landed on a Sunday this year.  I loved going to church to sing hymn after hymn celebrating the birth of our Savior, but after that, we had an entire afternoon to kill with three enthusiastic and over-the-top excited children under our roof.  I tried entertaining Jed and Levi with some crafts and Bron made a delicious salmon dinner, but the evening still ending in fighting and tears between Jed and Levi.

Once we got the boys all settled into bed for the night, Bron and I looked at each other like, "Do they really deserve Christmas?"  Of course, we then cuddled up on the couch to watch It's a Wonderful Life and all felt right with the world again.

Jed awoke at 3:30AM, excited and eager to see what Santa had brought!  He honestly thought the city lights reflecting off the snow and clouds was the morning sun.  It took Bron a good minute to convince him otherwise.  Fortunately, he didn't wake up either Levi or Conrad, so Bron was able to help Jed settle back down and go to sleep.

Bron and I wound up waking the boys at 7:15AM!  It was Christmas!!!

Conrad was absolutely enamored by his Little People Fire Truck and Teepee.  He sat there in the glow of the Christmas tree for the longest time playing, just trying to figure it all out!  I enjoyed watching him.

Checking out their haul from Santa Clause.  Jed got a tiny stuffed tiger in his stocking that has since become a favorite.  He also received a brand new bike!  Levi got a set of skis.  And they were both gifted with an "Incredible Stomper" and other Star Wars figures.

Not pictured is my Roomba!  Yes, Santa got me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.  Nothing screams ADULTHOOD like getting a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and being thrilled about it!  Seriously, it cleans underneath my kitchen table while I do the dishes.  Or it picks up popcorn kernels and dog hair while I put the boys to bed.  Seriously, it's kind of a dreamy tool.  Just one less thing on my list to clean!  Plus, it forces us to pick up the house more often.  A win in every way.     

Levi didn't feel very well on Christmas morning.  In fact, he threw up several times.  After seeing his surprises from Santa, Levi crawled back into bed for a nap.  Somehow, however, he rallied and was ready to eat by noon and felt great after that!  Poor kid.  I think his body is still recovering from surgery.

^^Tasting everything.^^
^^Pausing to check out his belly button.  Yup.  Still there.^^

When Levi awoke from his nap, we opened presents!  The golden skirt of our Christmas Tree was bare all season because we placed all the wrapped presents in various places around the house in sight but out of Conrad's reach.  He would have ripped them all open otherwise.  So it was fun to finally gather the presents all together in one spot.

Bron also carried on his family's tradition of writing names in code on the presents so that the boys didn't know which box was theirs.  He wrote all our names in Russian this year.  Funny thing is, both Jed and Levi have four letters in their names!

^^Trying on his new helmet (that I think he ought to wear around the clock) and loving it...^^
^^...until I tried to take a picture of all three boys in their new bike helmets.  Oh well.^^

Bron's happy surprised face.  Love it!  So many packages were dropped off on our front stoop from this year.  Some were addressed to me.  Some were addressed to Bron.  Some arrived on the same day.  It was crazy.  Three cheers for sports gear!

^^All set up on the couch with his pillow, blanket, and throw up bowl to open presents!^^

I had too much fun photographing this next series: Conrad opening a present all on his own for the first time.  The moment was so cute to witness.  It's a puzzle with little doors on hinges that his big brothers picked out for him.  It was an absolute hit!

^^The little double chin!  Mom goggles, I know.^^
^^Gotta get a good taste.^^
^^Those two cowlicks.  It was one of the first things I noticed about Conrad the day he was born.  To me, they set him apart from his brothers in some special way.^^
^^All the heart eyes for the way he sits and those little toes.^^
^^Jed's new awesome 24" bike with real shifting gears!^^
^^Levi's face because his new "land drone" didn't come with a camera.  Haha.  Spoiled, much?  If anyone is going to get a drone camera this year, it's going to me, Dude.^^
^^I also got a BIG BOX of silverware this year.  Woot!  Ten years of marriage and three kids later, we've crossed that threshold into 'big family' status and actually need more than a meal's worth of silverware.^^
^^The post Christmas Day mess.  It's a beautiful sight.^^
^^The WHOLE family got matching moose jammies.  I dropped the ball and didn't document all five of us wearing them!^^
 ^^More of my favorite little toes and the way he sits that I can't get enough of!^^
^^I'm pretty sure Conrad's thought process was, "The cars move on their own!  Cool!!!  How?!"^^

Hands down, my favorite moment from Christmas Day was watching all three boys playing together on the living room floor.  It gave me all the warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings.

We finally changed into some real clothes around 4:00PM and made our way over to our neighbor's house to eat a delicious Christmas dinner with the Youngs.  The kids played and we adults chatted.  It was so nice to share a little bit of Christmas joy with such good friends.

And that's a wrap!  Christmas 2017 was a memorable one.

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