Fall Roundup

On Saturday September 23rd, we ventured up into the hills to find signs of Fall. We found Winter instead!  Then on Sunday, Jed and Levi had their Primary program at church. Levi knew every word to every song and sang with a big enthusiastic smile. Jed got bored and his eyes wandered all around the room, but he proudly waved to me from the stage. The spirit was so sweet as they sang about following Jesus. It's reassuring to me that we're at least doing one thing right in raising them; taking our boys to church each week is worth the effort.

Fall came in swift and rainy and cold.  It means I now get to pair these soft round cheeks with knotted hats!  I'm pretty much a puddle on the floor.

Conrad's favorite perch in the house right now.  He can see out the window!  This little guy is too short to be climbing up there!  Thus, the crash pad I made from the dog's bed and a blanket. But he sure is proud of himself.  Just look at that happy little tongue!

There really aren't any words that adequately describe how much I truly love nursing my babies.  The opportunity I get to hold them close every single day, several times a day, means the world to me.  It's a bond we share together that I cherish because I know these sweet baby days are numbered.  After all, Conrad has to be weaned someday.  I can't believe how big he's gotten already!  Thanks for grabbing the camera to document this for me, Honey!

Saturday afternoon dress up.  I love having a home full of boys!

I have babies just so I can dress them in cute outfits.  For reals though, I don't think Conrad could be any more dapper of a date to take to Stake Conference.  (I played my violin.) 

I wish the month of October lasted twice as long!  All those gorgeous golden colors accompanied by the crisp cooler air make me happy.  I felt drawn to the mountains one day.  I NEEDED to get up there and enjoy the colors!  So I loaded the boys into the car one afternoon for a short hike. 

There are a lot of similarities between babies and puppies, don't you think?  I am so glad I caught this moment of Conrad crawling with an item in his mouth because 1. It makes me laugh out loud and 2. He took his first steps the night before on October 9th!  Conrad wobbled back and forth between his dad and me for a half hour before bed.  He wore the biggest grin and was so proud of himself as we excitedly clapped and cheered!  Afterwards, I hugged him tight and couldn't help the tears that followed.  Babies grow so fast!

Babies don't play fair.  Also, I have a thing for striped light.

Water break! Kindergarten soccer teeters between being frustrating and gut-wrenching hilarious. It's two hours of weekly entertainment.  Jed also played soccer this Fall but I accidentally deleted the pictures I took of his game.  Oh well.  He played much better this year than he did last year.  His second grade team was pretty aggressive and fun to watch!

"Mess Maker, Mess Maker, Make me a mess!" Sung to the tune of Match Maker from Fiddler on the Roof.  Anyone else out there sing to their children made up songs about them?  Sometimes the light isn't great, but I take a picture anyway.  Sometimes the mess is distracting, so I convert it to black and white.  This photo is both those things but I love it anyway as a moment I want to remember about this chaotic stage of life.

We carved pumpkins before Halloween.  The boys loved it.  Bron did not.  Haha.

Chilly day sunbathing, complete with sun glasses. Those sunny spaces on the floor feel so good!

Now that Bron and I have been married an entire decade, we are finally making our bedroom into a comfy retreat, beginning with a brand new king size bed!  It's exciting and practically life changing!

Dressing for church... and learning to button his own top button.  What a little man!  Seeing all three of my boys dressed in their Sunday best makes my heart swell with pride.  How in the world did I get so lucky?

My view from the breakfast table.  I took this photo for three reasons. 1. That pretty morning light! 2. I love how Conrad crosses his little ankles during meal times and 3. To partly memorialize the fact that Conrad scarfs down two eggs for breakfast nearly every day.   He loves them!

Wagon rides. Perks of being the baby.

Mr. Independent feeding himself breakfast.  This five year old seems so big and grown up to me these days!  But then there are moments when he stands with a head of frizzy mashed curls next to his favorite stuffed animal in tow and I can see that he is still so young.  I am grateful for one last year of slow mornings with Levi... even if he does sneak into the pantry to eat all the chocolate chips.

I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Our cute miniature Christmas tree never stood a chance against Conrad.

It's become obvious to me that the folks who built our home were fellow light lovers.  Our house is built intentionally at an angle to the road.  It allows light to fill my kitchen in the morning and the winter sun (but not so much the summer sun) to shine directly through my living room windows, warming up the whole house.  As a bonus, I also get cool blind lines like these. Geniuses.

Escape artist.  Conrad is obsessed with doors of all kinds.  He bolts through any open door.  He also LOVES being outside.  He cries big crocodile tears when I bring him in even though his little fingers are freezing.  Naturally, I had to babyproof the doorknobs.  Poor kid.

Post bath madness.

Freelensed golden Fall light on the brown leaves in the backyard.  Autumn sunsets are so soft and warm and golden and just breathtakingly beautiful. 

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