Christmas Lights at Rock Creek

As the days get shorter and darker, I am grateful for the twinkling lights that light up the night.  After dinner yesterday, I bundled up the boys and took them over to see the Rock Creek Christmas lights. It was Christmas magic!  They were all so excited, but none more than Conrad who was taking it all in for the very first time.  He toddled around, scooted underneath barrier lines, and put his mouth on everything!  We stayed, wandering through the maze of lights, for a full hour.  I couldn't help laughing and enjoying myself right alongside my boys.  There's nothing like enthusiastic kids to set the mood.  It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! 

^^Pretty sure this bear experienced his first French kiss. Zoom in to see that little tongue. I about died.^^
^^I love this one of Jed inside the tunnel.^^
^^Always exploring with his mouth.  How does that hippo taste, Conrad?^^
^^Jed and Levi checking out the Star Wars tree!^^
^^"Look Mom!  Underwear!"  Hahaha.^^
^^Even the moon peeked out to light the night too.^^
^^Bokeh = Pretty!^^
^^All three of my boys in the frame.  Love it when they cooperate to make that happen.^^
^^Goofballs.  Always so glad that they have each other.^^

Definitely worth making a second or even third trip to see again this month!

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