The Master Bathroom

 ^^Getting ready for kindergarten.^^

The master bathroom is a place where, surprisingly, a lot of life happens!  We've explained the concept of privacy, but the boys still haven't quite wrapped their heads around the fact that I like to shower, dress, and pee in peace without them quite yet.  Jed seems to always be knocking on the door, Levi just flings the door wide open, and Conrad, well, he's been known to crawl right into the shower with me--clothes and all!  Haha.

Showers, baths and regular hygiene practices are a typical part of our routine.  Levi insists on having his finger nails trimmed every Sunday.  Um, okay!  I noticed that I've busted out my camera more often than usual to record these everyday events.  So therefore, here's a peek into what happens in our bathroom on a nearly daily basis.

^^Rub a dub dub, three boys in a tub!  It was all their idea one morning.^^

Conrad made a sticky poopy mess out of his diaper and up his back one morning.  As a seasoned mom I knew just what to do: I stripped him down and let the faucet do the dirty work.  The pictures are what followed.  Conrad loves water!

Finally, last but certainly not least...

The toy that keeps on giving.  Classic babyhood.  I love this shot!  It is 100% authentic.  I'd just showered with Conrad to let the steam help unplug his little sinuses.  I was quickly brushing out my hair when I saw this scene in the mirror.  You bet I ran halfway across the house in my underwear to grab the camera!  Haha.

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  1. Conrad!! My goodness he only gets cuter and cuter. I love his smiley eyes and the pictures of him sprawled over Jed in the bath cracked me up. The master bathroom really does seem to be the hang out place. When I get ready in the morning my kids are in there with me. When I poop they're with me! There's no sanctuary.


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