September Snapshots

Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night... every night the boys ask their dad to play catch with them in the backyard.  It makes Bron beam with pride.  Levi keeps telling me matter of factly, "We're into sports now, Mom!"  I don't mind.  I'm liking this new view.   In fact, Jed scored his very first soccer goal yesterday. He was still stoked and talking about it this morning! So here's to many years of sitting on the sidelines watching and cheering on sports of all kinds!

^^Playing peekaboo on an evening walk.^^
^^Look, Mom!  My feet are like rockets!^^

Getting drooled, I mean, loved on.  You guys, this brief stage of life with a sweet and smart second grader, an enthusiastic kindergartener, and a cute baby who sleeps through the night has my heart bursting at the seams with gratitude and happiness. Motherhood is the best hood.

My miniature "helper". It takes me ten times longer to get anything done when he's around, but he's just so stinking cute!

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