Summer Snapshot Roundup

As summer draws to a close and the school year begins, I've compiled more than a handful of pictures from our everyday adventures over the last few months that have slipped through the cracks that I don't want forgotten because they conjure up memories for me.

This post is only going to be a little bit long...

Conrad and I spent many evenings in the backyard just chilling and killing time before bedtime.  Here he is scooting and crawling his way through the grass in his jammies, inevitably finding something to chew on.

Playing with plastic parachuters the boys got from the dentist office.  Funny how those little toys brought back so many childhood memories for me!   It reminds me of how Jed knows all the same playground rhymes I do, but I didn't teach them to him; they've been handed down from child to child.  I guess some things are too good to change, parachuters included.

Jed got it stuck in his head that he wanted to go golfing.  So after work one evening, we all went down to the clubhouse and rented some balls to hit.  I think Jed has some natural ability if he practiced and applied himself!

My favorite set of piggies up there!
Where will he go someday?

Our hot afternoon at the circus!  Jed really, really, really wanted to go.  So though at first I said 'no' we wound up going anyway.  Jed and Levi were so excited!  We sat in the sun and I tried to keep a sleeping baby from burning by covering him up.  It wasn't a spectacular circus, but it had all the major elements, including cotton candy.  It's an experience the boys will remember for a long time.  I'm glad I relented.  It's fun to spoil those kids from time to time.

Sink bath!
Drive-thru drink from the hose.
Conrad adores his big brother.  He also feels like he's a part of the party in his walker out in the front yard.
Relaxing at the lake.

Playing a version of cops and robbers.  This evening (and many more!) was everything summer should be.  Jed and Levi stayed outside playing with neighbors until the sun set.

Levi insisted I take a picture of him as a ninja riding his bike doing this trick.
Evening kitchen light.
Slow morning hangs in the nursery.

We got into the habit of making fruit smoothies nearly every afternoon with my new Vitamix blender.  Through this daily routine, we discovered that Conrad can drink from a straw like a champ.  Our little neighbors, Ally and Kyle, began coming over expecting something sweet to drink.  "Jessie, can I have a smoothie?"  It's what I'll be remembered for and I love it.  The half hour every day when I got to sit on the couch on the patio to chat with the kids was one of my favorite daily moments of the summer.

Busy baby scooting/crawling his way into EVERYTHING and pulling himself to a stand!
Dinner and smoothies on the front porch.  Eating outside is one of the best perks of summer!

Tarzan lived in our front yard tree this summer.  Seriously, Levi couldn't keep a shirt on or stay away from water for a full day.  Wonderful.

The baby watering himself with leftover water from the Camelbak backpack.
Little habit that I love: how he sits with his ankles crossed.

Funny Stories:

::  It was the day after the J.D. Heiskell company party, also known as Christmas in August for the kids.  The boys all came home with new toys and a bag full of candy--each.  I'd been up throughout the night with the baby and crashed on the couch in the bonus room where I conveniently can't hear my children.  Well, Jed and Levi kept Conrad company when he awoke.  They pulled Conrad from his crib and took his hunger matters into their own hands by feeding him a giant smarties lollipop from one of their bags.  He was a sticky mess, but I got an extra hour of sleep, so it was happy win for the both of us!

::  It was the last half hour of our drive to Grandma Nelson's house and the boys were getting restless and obnoxious in the back seat of the truck.  That's when Bron had the brilliant idea to play the silent game: first person to talk or make a sound loses.

It was a glorious silent three full minutes.  Suddenly, Conrad let out a squeal in protest.  Jed had pulled on his ear to make him cry!  That was clearly cheating.  Haha.

Next round.  All we could hear was the whir of tires on the road beneath our feet and some tunes on the radio.  I looked back at Levi to see him making funny faces at me.  I couldn't help giggling.  Mom lost.  Levi won.

Round three.  Silence.  Jed and Levi are both determined to win.  Bron has an idea and pulls something up on his phone.  The introduction to one of Levi's favorite tunes comes through the speakers.  "Sorry!" Levi exclaims and he busts into song.  We. Laughed. So. Hard.  It was awesome.  The little boy honestly couldn't contain himself.  It was hilarious. 

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