Late Summer Blooms and a Bike in the Mud

The other night I went for a walk to practice freelensing on some of my favorite late summer flowers but wound up practicing on a little boy playing in the mud instead.  It was a worthy and hilarious distraction from my original intent. 

Levi is such a ham in front of the camera.  He's always been a good sport putting up with my hobby.  On the flip side though, he certainly didn't mind my encouragement to keep playing in the mud!  See?  There are perks to having a mom who likes to take photos! 

^^I love this one of Levi walking away.  Feels like a bit of a happy accident.^^

The next evening we went for a walk again.  There's a part of me that craves the outdoors and creativity, especially after a particularly long day.  Though I thrive on a schedule and love the festivities that Autumn brings, the change from Summer to Fall is always hard for me.  I grieve for the free time I had to play and nurture and enjoy my sons.  I'm the mom and I'm still adjusting to the new school year routine!  

^^My favorite late summer blooms.  I think they make the medians and roads so pretty.  Are we sure these are weeds?^^
^^Five year old gun show.  Levi says he works out so he can get stronger.^^
  ^^Green eyes and curly hair.  Oh, this boy has had me wrapped around his little pinky finger since the day he was born!^^

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  1. I really do love these pictures. Levi is a ham even when he's not in front of the camera haha! ;) I love his personality and those curls are a lady killer.


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