We Beat the Heat Camping

We escaped the 100 degree heat this weekend and headed into the South Hills for a little camping adventure!  The boys had been looking forward to this trip all week and they were busting at the seams with excitement.  (Full disclosure: I drove home to sleep and drove back first thing in the morning because camping while pregnant sounded like self-torture.)

When we arrived at our spot, it was twenty-five degrees cooler and it actually started to rain.  What a pleasant relief from the heat!  Fortunately, the rain didn't last long.  Our evening was full of fire starting, roasting hot dogs, exploring trails, s'mores, and all sorts of silly shenanigans.  At one point, I sat with Levi in what's left of my lap in front of the fire.  He and Jed traded off telling long and intricate stories about Green Ninja and Blue Ninja and Red Ninja.  It was a hoot just to listen to!

I helped Bron tuck the boys into bed around 10:30PM and headed down the mountain in the truck.  Except for a lousy night's sleep, I didn't miss a thing!  Jed and Levi did surprisingly well sleeping though.  I arrived back first thing in the morning as the boys were clamoring out of the tent.  We ate muffins and Donald Duck orange juice (Levi's favorite) and packed up.  Because Bron has everything organized into bins that we can just throw into the back of the truck, camping was a virtually painless chore!  I was impressed.  We can totally do this over and over again.

I hope the boys will remember this little one night adventure for a while because it's a sweet family memory I'm going to hold on to.

^^Hiding in the hammock and catching rain drop on their tongues.^^
^^Collecting kindling to start a fire.^^
^^Dinner!  Not at all nutritious but sure delicious!^^
^^Silly faces with Mom!^^
^^The belly.  I have to lean over a bit to see my toes these days.  24 weeks pregnant!^^
^^Levi insisted on using my camera to take a picture of me.  He did well, don't you think?  I'm okay with how these turned out!^^
^^Oooey, gooey, sugary, goodness!^^
^^Sticky face.^^
^^Huff and Puff!  Blowing on the fire to get it started again.^^
^^Bringing me flowers!  Such a sweet gesture.  They love me.  It makes my day.^^
^^A tree star!  The boys have been watching The Land Before Time.  It's a movie I grew up watching with my brother.  Funny thing is, Jed and Levi quote it the same way I did as a kid!  I totally get every single reference.  "I smell, I smell... Ducky!"^^
^^A whole bunch of silliness.  Their laughter makes me laugh.^^
^^Breakfast and sword fighting^^

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