Third Baby Bump Date: 25 Weeks

^^Wow, does five weeks make a difference!  Check out how I wore the same shirt just over a month ago.  Whoa.^^

It's time to document this growing bump that feels like a heavy soccer ball and the baby that we're all getting super excited about welcoming to the family!

How far along: 25 weeks plus some.  Closing in on the third trimester.  Whew!

Size of baby boy: According to the books, approximately 9 inches in length and 1.5 pounds in weight.  Or he can also be described as the size of a baseball glove or a Napa Cabbage.  However, when I went in for my last appointment over a week ago, I told the doctor I was hoping for a "light weight" 8 pound baby.  She shook her head as she measured my stomach and said, "Don't plan on it!  Baby is measuring big."  They'll most likely induce this baby a week early just as they did Levi.  I hope if it does come to that decision that labor will go just as smoothly and quickly!  So keep your fingers crossed with me. 

Stretch Marks: Who knows?  Probably.  Don't care anymore.

Weight Gain: About 22 pounds.  I'm ready to quit counting now.

Sleep:  Still sleeping well with a pillow between my knees.  Our mattress rocks!  However, I've turned into the ultimate night owl.  I sometimes don't go to sleep until 1AM or even 2AM.  There are just so many projects to do and so much to learn (I'm trying to master skin tones right now) about photography and it feels like life as I know it is about to end in approximately three months!  Time is running out!  I know that my fear isn't entirely true though.  All my projects and things will just be put on hold for approximately six months or a bit longer.  I'll come back to them eventually.

Symptoms: All this lack of sleep coupled with photo shoots, babysitting, and fun summer activities with my boys have apparently taken a toll on my immune system.  I've been completely wiped-out sick with a stomach bug twice in three weeks!  It's no fun.  I think I need to slow down?  Fortunately, being sick with a six year old and a four year old is pretty mellow.  They're happy about all the extra screen time and I'm happy about a long nap... even if Levi did decide to eat ALL the candy in the pantry for lunch yesterday.  :)

Still struggling with pelvic floor swelling and pain so I sit down and kick up my feet a lot.  Three and half more months, I chant!  But putting my feet up often is probably good as my ankles have begun swelling from time to time during the last two weeks as well.  Water!  I'm trying my best to chug plenty of water.

Favorite moments:  Levi comes up to my belly often to give his baby brother kisses.  "I love that big fat baby!" he exclaims.  Me too.  I can't wait for you to meet him.

Food cravings:  I still like potatoes; all kinds of potatoes from fried to baked to mashed.  Give me all the starch!  And I have to have something sweet after a meal, even if it's just a couple of Swedish gummy fish stolen from the kids' stash.

I'll openly admit it.  I'm enjoying food and throwing a lot of my normal calorie counting worries out the window these days.  If I'm going to have a big belly anyway, I might as well indulge!  I'm not sure if it's the wrong or right attitude to have.

Movement:  At around 20 weeks, Baby Boy felt like a fish flopping around inside my belly.  Now, however, he sometimes surprises me so suddenly with his kicks and jabs that it makes me jump!  I can feel him during all hours of the day, though he seems to really wake up and dance at night as soon as I lay down on my side in bed.  Bron has finally felt him from the outside.  I'm still waiting to get the little boys in on the action at just the right moment.

What I'm looking forward to: Bending over without feeling like I'm holding my breath and snuggling this sweet baby on chest!


  1. Congratulations, friend. This is news to me, as I haven't read blogs in MONTHS. You look great! So happy for you.

  2. haha bending over and not being able to breath. Yeah I get ya on that one. I was hoping it would take a little longer to get to that point. I'm excited that Bron felt it. I'm still working on that around here on all fronts. You look so beautiful with your bump!

  3. Wow, I think it's been a while since I visited. You look wonderful! I can't believe boy # 3 is on his way. He's going to be such a lucky duck. Your family is nothing but fun and AMAZING. Hope you get some needed rest while the boys start school :)


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