Happy Fourth Birthday, Levi!

 ^^I took Levi to Sips for a special birthday treat: soda and a cookie with a lime on top!^^

Dear Levi,

Happy 4th Birthday!  I want you to know what a spot of sunshine you are in my life.  Happy, energetic, and charismatic, you are a whole lot of personality bottled up inside one short body!  You often make me laugh out loud and then want to pull my hair out in frustration all in the same ten minutes.  But still, I am irrevocably smitten with you.  I can't help admiring your blonde curls, the smooth shapes of your cheeks, or that contagious grin.

You know exactly what to say and do to work me over, Levi.  "I love you, Mama," you sweetly mention.  Or sometimes you place both little hands on my cheeks and give me a quick kiss on the lips!  (It's to tease your dad too!  Haha.)  Other times, if you need my attention, you gently say, "Excuse me, Mama."  I have to stop what I'm doing to look at you then!  Little boy, have you got me figured out, and many other folks figured out too.  In fact, there's been times when I truly cannot tell if you are faking a cry or if it's real!  The whining through, especially when I say 'no', well, that's real.  :)  At least I know that!

Levi, you are one smart and independent little boy.  It's awesome because I don't feel like I need to dote on you hand and foot; you grab yourself your own drink of water.  I don't worry about you much.  You can hold your own and generally obey the rules like not leaving the yard.  You know what you want and go get it!  But that's the flip side to your independence.  You may be perfectly capable but you're not responsible... yet.  For instance, I've gotten out of the shower on multiple occasions this summer to find Otter Pop wrappers scattered throughout the house.  On the kitchen floor are six plastic tops which you have snipped off with scissors all by yourself, each oozing with melting sticky popsicle juice.  My floors are so dirty.  Come to think of it, everything is covered in crumbs or hand-prints.  This independent streak keeps me picking up mess after mess all day long!  I hope this lets up soon as you learn and grow because my energy to keep up is bottoming out.

Levi, you are aggressive and brash, coordinated and athletic.  I see all sorts of talent inside of you just waiting to be tapped.  Levi, you are one of those lucky gifted people who will excel at anything you are determined to practice.  I hope you learn a good work ethic early in life because it will serve you well--it will lead you to success in whatever you want to do.  In fact, I love that you often include in your prayers the phrase, "Help me and Jed to do hard things."  You CAN do hard things!  Just this Spring, with a little bit of guidance, you taught yourself how to start on your bike.  It took a few days, but you were determined.  Now you are literally riding circles around me!  And the way you hit the climbing rock on the 4th of July--you were so fun to watch!  The look of concentration on your face was everything.  I can't wait to see what you accomplish in the future.  It's going to be so much fun.

Speaking of the future, you have a lot of big changes coming up soon in your little four year old world.  You are busting at the seams to start preschool.  I'm predicting that your favorite parts of school will be seeing friends and snack time.  You love your friends.  And you love food.  In fact, you eat any vegetable I throw in front of you at dinner because you believe it will make you grow big and strong.  I love that. 

You're also going to be a big brother in just a few short months from now.  I'm a little nervous that you'll take advantage of my being preoccupied with a baby to do whatever you want.  But I know that in time you'll develop a strong bond with this littlest brother as you have with Jed.  And that's what's most important to me.  It's going to be so sweet for me to watch.

Levi, I love this stage of life that we're experiencing now with you.  You keep me busy but you make me feel loved and needed.  You are so innocent and say some of the funniest things!  I love, love, love you and all that you are.  Four is going to be a good year.  I can just feel it.  Happy Birthday Bud!

Love Always,

^^Drooly and happy at four months old Christmas Day 2012.^^

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  1. Cue tears!! He's sucha cutie Jessie! I want both of your boys to marry my daughters hahahaha


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