Pierre's Hole Bike Race

^^Biking buddies: Bron, Dan, and Bryce^^

This weekend Bron conquered Pierre's Hole, a 30 mile mountain bike race around Grand Targhee, for the third time. He got a PR coming in at under 4 hours. So proud (and slightly jealous) of my man!  One of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me this summer has been sitting out on adventures like this!  But there will be next year.  :)

Pierre's Hole is no joke.  It's a grueling race that takes preparation and mental fortitude.  My friend Shelly and I waited and cheered with our kids to see our men come over the finish line.  As Bron climbed off his bike, he was visibly shaking.  He had been cramping up and needed salt stat!  But friends and strangers came to the quick rescue with pistachios and salt pills.  And after a good meal and conversation, Bron was tired but as good as new.  Surprisingly, he felt better about that race than ever before!  As he should; his time is proof that he's improving.

Also of note is that Peter Sagan, Olympian and green jersey winner from this year's Tour de France, was there as well!  Such a cool opportunity to say that Bron and his friends raced with a world-known professional.  Peter Sagan schooled everyone when he came in at exactly two hours flat.  Whoa!  I think it's because his bike changes color in the heat.  Yeah, that's totally it.  :)  Haha.

^^Cheering for Bryce as he approached the finish line.  He even smiled for the camera!^^
^^Jed clapping.  Here comes Dad!^^
^^Go, Bron, Go!^^

There's a great party atmosphere there at the race and plenty for families to do.  I bought tickets for Levi to do the bungee jump and for both boys to mine for gems and arrow heads.  They thought it was a blast!

^^Trying to do a back flip!  A full five minutes of jumping wore this kid out.^^
^^Our little friend Easton got to go flying!^^

We made it back down the mountain in time to catch dinner with Bron's brother Talon and his wife Amber to celebrate Talon's big 30th birthday!  We left the kids with a babysitter and enjoyed an evening chatting and stuffing our bellies full at Olive Garden.  It was so fun to see them and catch up!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing on the Dairy Farm.  I love that place.  I know there is a lot of work that goes into the upkeep of the house and yard but I am grateful for it.  We swam in the hot tub pool and ate farm fresh milk, eggs, and raspberries for breakfast.  Really, it's kind of magical!  However, we really missed our hosts.  Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were in St. George at a wedding.  It wasn't quite the same without them.  Next time!  

^^Picking raspberries shirtless and in their jammies.  It's the life!^^

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