Jed's First Day of First Grade

Dear Jed,

You handsome stud, you.  It's here.  Your first day of first grade!  You were busting at the seams with excitement this morning as you dressed in the brand new outfit you helped pick out.  We parked and played on the playground for a few minutes while I held back the tears.  You see, Jed, you're growing up!  It's hard for me to let go, to give you the freedom you deserve to make your own choices and to spend more time away from me.  It's good and essential for you to become more independent, but gee whiz, does it pull at my heart strings.  It even makes me a little nervous!

I hope you're happy at school this year, Jed.  I hope you make some good friends and that you do well in your academics.  I hope you never ever feel lonely or stupid or bad because you're a good kid, Jed!  As your mom, I am your biggest fan.  I see many of your weaknesses but I also see all of your strengths.  You make me so proud, Jed.  I know you are smart and caring and capable of absolutely anything.

As the bell rang this morning, you anxiously ran to your classroom door.  But before you entered, you remembered to give me a sweet hug and a kiss.  It melted my heart.  I'm really going to miss you while you're at school all day long this year!

By the way, your teacher called before you got off the bus today.  I knew it couldn't be a good thing getting a call from your teacher on the very first day of school.  Apparently, you punched another boy and gave him a bloody nose!!!  Come to find out, you were playing superheroes with some friends at recess.  The play-fighting got a little too close and suddenly became real!  But that wasn't the only problem that occurred today...

So your first day of school got off to a rough start.  You're a creature of habit and this new routine and new teacher and new everything has you feeling like your life has just been turned upside-down!  Don't worry, Jed.  We'll get this all figured out.  It might take a few weeks for the dust to settle, but we'll adjust together.

Remember how much I love you!  No matter what.



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