Sweet Summer Time: Snapshots of Life in June

Summer is humming along in all its glory right now!  Sunshine, ninety degree weather, countless trips to Bass Lake, the South Hills, and playing outside all day every day--sprinkled with a few responsibilities and chores, of course.  June was busy, but in some of the best ways.

We've gotten ourselves onto a really late schedule.  The boys usually don't go to bed until after 9:00PM.  (After all, the sun doesn't set til 9:30!)  And we all don't get up the next morning until 8:30AM or so.  This laid back, relaxed, play-until-dusk, schedule is the kind of thing I live for!

And yup, my boys spend more time shirtless than with a shirt on!  We hardly ever see Levi in actual clothes anymore.  Instead, he changes into a swimming suit first thing in the morning and then transfers into pajamas at night.  Works for me!   

Take a peek at what life has looked like for us these last few weeks:       

Bass Lake
Our summer paradise spot

^^This picture cracks me up.  I mean, Jed's serious face with goggles!  He's not a cowboy.  He is Turtle Boy!^^
^^Sand Angels with a friend!^^
^^These chunky baby thighs belonging to our little friend just begged to be documented.  I want to eat them up!^^

Buggy Rides with Brother Higley

There's an elderly cowboy in our neighborhood with two obvious hobbies: working on vintage tractors and riding horses.  He sometimes calls us up to ask if we'd like to join him on a buggy ride around the neighborhood.  Of course!  It's such a unique treat!   

Corn on the Cob

We were supposed to save the corn for dinner that night, but wound up eating it as an afternoon snack instead.  Seriously, as good as candy!  I'm blaming pregnancy for my lack of self-control.  Haha.


Frienemies.  I don't know what else to call their relationship.  Jed and Levi are the best of friends and I am so grateful they have each other!  They play together all day and their little conversations can sometimes be hilarious.  However, they can be downright cruel to each other too: hitting, biting, scratching, whining, wailing...  It really grates on my nerves and patience!

After one particularly bad morning at the library, I snapped.  I called Bron in desperation.  "This parenting thing sucks!" I complained.  I was SO angry!  Fortunately, Bron talked me down from the edge.  As a parent, I realized I need to be more consistent in my discipline.  So now the boys know if they act up, they will most likely have to sit in a hard kitchen chair for five minutes.  Sometimes they're both guilty and they both get to sit there.  That simple consequence has actually brought back a lot of peace to our home!  Thank goodness.   

^^This handsome face melts me.^^
^^Sooo much personality in a cute little body!  It's no secret Levi has me wrapped around his pinky finger.^^

Water Guns and the Backyard

I went grocery shopping (by myself!) one evening and brought the boys home some 'big' water guns.  Needless to say, the milk got a little warm in the back of the car because we got too busy playing with them!  I think the guns are a hit.

Jed and Levi also love the playset Bron built last Fall.  I can always find them playing on the tire swing or the slide.  On particularly warm days, however, they stick to the shady spots of the yard, playing with chalk on the front porch or climbing in the big willow tree.  I love our home.

South Hills Picnic Adventure

^^Exchanging little boy secrets.^^
^^Fishing with friends and nets.  It did occur to me that I was wading knee deep in water with $2700 worth of camera gear in my hand.  Anything for the shot, right?  I'm crazy.^^
^^Jed caught a couple of tiny one inch fish... and proudly carried his prize around in an otter pop bag.^^
^^The muddy crew: Levi, Rhett, Brennan, Jed, Piper, Wyatt, and Paisley.^^

There's just something I love about a half red-neck style picnic in the South Hills.  There are so many different places for the kids to explore up there.  It never gets old!  I pull over in a camping spot by the creek and the kids do the rest.  They spend hours entertaining themselves among the trees and rocks and water.  On this particular trip, I remembered to bring along our nets.  The kids had a blast catching tiny one and two inch fish!  Then they sweetly released the fish back to their homes.  Two or three might've gone belly up, but shhh, I'm not telling.  I think this kind of fun is so good for them. 

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  1. looks like the summer is starting out perfectly! These boys are having an amazing childhood. You are such a good mom.


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