Happy Birthday America!

I think we convinced our boys that Independence Day is indeed one of the best holidays of the year.  There's something about seeing flags everywhere that makes one feel patriotic and proud.

We began our three day weekend with a barbecue and friends on Saturday night (after a full day of chores and errands, of course).  By unanimous vote, the kids' favorite part of the evening was lighting the few fireworks we bought.  I mistakenly bought a "pooping dog" that the kids haven't quit talking and giggling about since.  Boys!  Haha.  There were also some screamers and battling tanks, and best of all, sparklers!      

We began July 4th early Monday morning at a church breakfast and flag ceremony--where I played my violin, the kids sang, and Levi fell on his face and scraped up his nose.  Poor kid.  However, it just felt right to pause for a minute, to reflect and show respect for the flag: the emblem of the land and country I love.

Following breakfast, we spent the afternoon rock climbing at Castle Rocks State Park with some friends.   The clouds rolled in and it wound up being a perfect afternoon.  And we had the whole park to ourselves!  We couldn't believe it.  We all took turns climbing a 5.9- route.  I'm always surprised at how easy something looks from down below, but when I actually get on the rock, it's much more difficult!  But you know I live for the challenge, even 20 weeks pregnant.  And apparently so does Levi!  He's pretty much addicted to rock climbing.  I think he climbed four times. 

Then we polished the day off with pizza, glow sticks for the kids, and a fireworks show in Burley. We sat out on a golf course directly underneath the show. The fireworks were so close I could eat them!  I held Levi in my lap next to Bron and Jed.  We couldn't help screaming and laughing. It was exhilarating.  "This is the best day ever!" Levi squealed.   Yes, it's definitely one to remember.

Words don't adequately express how thankful I am for this beautiful country and the freedoms that we enjoy. I only hope I can pass some of that love and respect along to my boys.

(Scroll down for lots of pictures!)

^^Watching our own little fireworks show in the backyard.^^
^^The looks on their faces.  Classic.^^
^^His look of concentration is what makes me laugh and makes me proud at the same time. Can't wait til he grows two sizes and can finally fit into the climbing shoes we have for him. It'll make such a difference!^^
^^My other explorer.  He's afraid of heights.  So while we will continue to encourage him, we will never force him to rock climb.  He'll get there one day.  He sure enjoys just being outdoors and exploring anyway!^^
^^Bron conquered the top!  He actually lead climbed this route.  I was impressed.^^
^^The kids entertained themselves with rocks and sticks and snacks and monster trucks.^^
^^Baby boy ready for his second ascent at 20 weeks!  I'm definitely wider than I was even just a few weeks ago.  My harness fit a little snug.  I think that means I'm done for the season... but not until I scaled the wall twice!^^
^^Addy celebrating with the flag and her cute outfit!^^
^^Ollie scaling the wall with an audience.^^
^^Three of my favorite things in this picture: family, beautiful scenery, and the symbol of the country I love.  I stand in disbelief that all these blessings belong to me!^^

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  1. What a great 4th of July. Most important was you spent it as a family. Love the pics.


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