Levi's Third Set of Wheels

^^My boys out on an evening bike ride.  They had fun careening down the freshly paved hill behind our house.  It was literally a dirt and gravel road just yesterday morning!^^

Yesterday we took a quick trip to Sun Valley for an appointment.  To help ease my stress about where exactly I was headed, Bron came along with us.  It wound up being a family day trip complete with lunch, ice cream, and a little shopping at our favorite thrift store.  

A few days ago, after watching Levi's little legs rotate faster than the RPM's on my car, Bron and I began discussing the possibility of graduating Levi to a bigger bike.  As we entered into the thrift shop, lo and behold, there it was: a Giant 16" black, white, and orange bike for a steal at just $35.  We couldn't possibly pass it up!  And to our pleasant surprise, Levi took to it like a fish to water.  He rode off like a bullet down the street with Bron running just to keep up!  Levi was ecstatic.  The bigger wheels give him the speed he's been looking for to keep up with his big brother!  Needless to say, Levi's been attached to his bike since.  We rode around the neighborhood last night.  And first thing this morning after breakfast, we went for another ride.  We were gone an hour!  Whoa.

After our ride this morning, we grabbed Jed's new-to-him set of golf clubs (that we also picked up at the thrift store) and began to hit golf balls in the backyard.  Jed had a lot of fun.  However, Levi threw his club down in frustration.  It was too hard.  Haha.  I hope I'm right about getting Jed into golf!  I think his level of concentration and personality might be just right for the sport.

So here's to raising active boys with skills that help give them confidence!

P.S.  In case you're wondering, we started Levi on a strider bike when he was about 18 months old.  Last summer he graduated to a 12" two wheeler.  And this year, he's ready for this 16" ride.  I can't believe it.  I think my husband's obsession with bikes might have something to do with it.

 ^^That face!  Covered in fruit punch and scratches from falling on some curbing.  All boy, right there.^^
 ^^Jed's gory and bloody owie!  The grosser we can describe it, the cooler the wound becomes.^^

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