Gone Fishing

The boys have been begging to go fishing for a while now.  So Thursday evening, we made it happen!  We took the boys down to {the heavily stocked} Bass Lake.  We baited our hooks with HOT DOGS and began catching fish every 2-3 minutes.  Not joking.  It was a riot!  So many fish to help unhook and release back into the water kept Bron and I hopping.  I think the experience will forever spoil the little boys' expectations of fishing!  But nonetheless, now that I know how to tie a hook to the line, we'll be back at least weekly all summer long.

Pictures from the boys' first real fishing adventure:

^^Levi's first catch of the day.^^
 ^^Levi's happy dance.  He's the fishing king.  "Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Ooohhh!"
^^Levi came over to touch Jed's big catch!  Haha.^^
^^Jed getting the hook out himself.^^
^^I love Jed's face here!  Hahaha.  "Mmmm, this fish is too small.  But I'm proud of it anyway."
^^Attaching the hot dog bait.^^
^^Catch and release!  Ugh.  I don't particularly like touching the fish.  I gave that job to the boys.^^

There's a legend at the lake that the kids all share, about a fish named Big Wally whom lives under the dock. Well, I think Jed caught him!  He was over-the-moon excited and so proud of himself.

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