Jed's First Tee Ball Season

^^The Orange Grasshoppers vs. the Red Gators.  Friends and neighbors playing against other friends and neighbors.
Jed, Wyatt, Brennan, Piper, and Ally^^ 

This year, we have officially entered into new territory as parents: the busy shuttle from one extracurricular activity to another.  Thankfully, we're entering in slowly with just one child or when opportunity permits, allowing Levi to do lessons at the same time--like we did all winter with swimming lessons.  It's been a bit of a shock to my routine as a mother.  I'm accepting my new responsibilities like I'm carefully wading into a cold pool.  When the water painfully hits my waist, I know I need to just get it over with and dive in.  In reality, I'm still resisting that last head-first dive into the pool; I'm not quite ready to commit myself to afternoons in the car running from activity to activity.  I'm not sure I want to be that busy!  But I know my days are numbered.  It's happening right under my nose.  I'll admit, however, all these new things that my children are learning to do is kind of exciting.  It's even a little bit fun!

This spring Jed started his first tee ball season!  Jed wound up on the Orange Grasshopper team with two of our neighbors, including his best friend Brennan.  Jed was sooo excited!  The season began with a few practices in May and then turned into games every Tuesday and Thursday evening throughout the month of June.  These little guys, ages five to seven, were often painful to watch.  Spacing out in the outfield picking their noses, tackling the ball, skipping bases--you name it, they did it!  The kids made us cringe and laugh.  However, by the last week, they were starting to understand the game and even managed to make a few good plays!

I was initially surprised at what a good arm Jed has on him.  He can throw quite far with some accuracy for such a little guy!  (Catching is still a skill that's coming along though.)  He asked to play catch with Dad every evening throughout May.  Jed's enthusiasm was contagious.  It was cute and I loved watching them.

So until next year, Tee Ball!  It's been a good first season.       


  1. have Jed bring out his glove when he comes to visit. We can throw the ball, and I think we may have a tee too.

  2. What fun for Jed! Life does get busy quickly, doesn't it?


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