Third Baby Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

I figure it's about time for a little pregnancy update.  Though this pregnancy is flying by at lightning speed, I still have lots of thoughts and symptoms and plenty to talk about.  So hang on!

How far along: 18 weeks plus some.  Officially five whole months along.  Helloooo baby bump!

Size of baby: Approximately 5.5 inches and 5 ounces.  However, I like to explain baby's size in more tangible terms for the little boys.  I love my Ovia pregnancy app for this!  This week it says baby is the size of a slingshot or a sweet potato.

Maternity Clothes: Yup!  I've been dipping into my red duffel bag where all my maternity clothes are kept more and more often.  And I've been living in a couple of dresses I splurged on from Pink Blush Maternity.  I cannot believe how fast I "popped" this time.  I mean, I know I stick straight out there during pregnancy, but gee whiz!  I'm actually really enjoying watching this belly grow.  It's crazy how fast a woman's body changes when she's pregnant!

Stretch Marks: No new ones... yet.

Belly Button in or Out: Sticking out!

Weight Gain: About 12 pounds.  Maybe more now that I just stuffed my face with delicious chocolate ice cream all weekend!

Sleep:  Sleeping well with a pillow between my knees, needing at least 9 hours of shut-eye, and having the most vivid and crazy dreams!  I once dreamed that I made out with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Fortunately, Bron is a much better lover.  :)  And in another dream I dressed up in a hot dog costume, bun and all.  I zipped it up like a sleeping bag and waddled around.  So strange.  

Favorite moment so far:  I went in to the doctor's office for a routine check-up last week with both Jed and Levi in tow.  The doctor let Jed help her hold the doppler machine over my belly.  "Do you hear that?" she asked.  "That's the baby's heartbeat!"  The look on Jed's face was priceless.  His astonishment was so cute.  I wish I had a picture.

Movement:  Feeling Baby more and more often!  I think I felt the first kicks around 15 weeks or so.  Then I went several days without feeling anything.  But now, those flutters and popcorn kicks are happening nearly daily.  Yay!  It's definitely one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Morning sickness lasted clear up until last week and still sometimes hits late in the evenings.  But I'm happy to say that I am doing much better now.  I have much more energy during the day to tackle chores and play outside with the boys.  Not that I move very fast.  Levi can totally outrun me now.  Actually, I can't really be on my feet for too long at all.  I've had pelvic floor problems ever since Jed's delivery.  The swelling and pressure down there can get quite painful.  So I sit a lot.  But I knew this would happen, so it's no big deal.  It won't last forever because pregnancy is thankfully temporary.

Food Aversions:  Unfortunately, I have to turn my nose up at one of the best combos on earth: ranch + bacon.  Weird!

Food Cravings:  Cottage cheese with peaches and baked potatoes.  My neighbor gave us some extra baked potatoes and I found myself grabbing one to warm up in the microwave every chance I got!  I just baked more potatoes today.  In general, I seem to crave food that is real (un-processed).

Gender: To hopefully be revealed at the big ultrasound on July 1st!  I actually have very mixed feelings about what I'd like this baby to be: a little brother or a sister.  If I'm downright honest, I want it to be a girl super bad.  But then I second guess myself.  I know too many dramatic little girls.  Would I really be able to handle that kind of a child and keep my sanity intact?  Suddenly, three boys sounds like a blast.  We'll be thrilled with whatever human child we get.  I just seem to be extra paranoid this pregnancy.  I'm always pushing away silly worries.  I simply keep praying for a healthy baby to keep!

Thoughts: I think I'm handling this pregnancy better than the previous ones.  After all, I prayed and prayed for this child.  It's also my third rodeo and both Bron and I know what to expect.  I've learned to analyze my emotions and realize that hormones are usually to blame.  So it's okay!  And it's no secret that pregnancy and new babies are hard on a marriage, so we're just expecting that slump and combating it as best we can with lots of dates and communication.  I'm also very relaxed at the idea of adding a third baby.  I have no worries that I'll love this child.  I already do!  Nor do I worry that I'll be able to juggle three children.  (I'll have my moments though.  Ha!)  I know the aches and pains of pregnancy are rough, but I am so happy to be doing this again, perhaps one last time.  I'm kind of soaking it all in!

What am I worried about though?  Adjusting back to sleepless nights and having my arms constantly full.  Yikes!  It's been a while.


  1. You look amazing! I'm so happy for you :) and cottage cheese on baked potatoes, the best!

  2. So excited for you! Pregnancy is a funny time, super exciting but also quite miserable at times. It's funny to hear you say you are a bit afraid of having a girl. I felt the same way about having a boy. My girls can be dramatic (we are in for it come teen years!) but the physicality and generally more active play of boys made me nervous. I was extra paranoid my third pregnancy too. It seemed to increase with each one. So excited for your ultrasound next week! It's on a good day, that's Kacey's birthday. :)

  3. Your bump is amazing! This is my fave time before you get too big but you've still got a really excellent bump going on. I'm just a week behind you =) I've got a little bump envy though, mine isn't quite so adorable yet.
    A baked potato sounds really amazing! And, the vivid dreams are too funny - a hot dog bun haha. My husband was a hot dog for Halloween last year.


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