Farewell Call! (And Some Thoughts on Parenting)

^^All six handsome Nelson brothers.  They share a close, unique and special bond and actually enjoy getting together.  I feel so fortunate to have married into this good looking, fun, hard-working, family.^^

These last two weekends have been spent in good 'ol Ririe, Idaho getting Bron's youngest brother, Call, ready to leave on a two year LDS mission to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.  We're really going to miss Call!  He's everyone's favorite uncle, has an unpretentious sense of humor, and is all around just a good kid.  Ahem, I mean adult now.  He is 18 after all.

Last weekend we rounded up the entire Nelson crew to attend Call's first experience through the Rexburg Temple.  I really cannot describe how special it was to have the entire family there gathered together: parents, brothers, and all their wives.  It was almost like we got a little sneak peek at what heaven might feel like.

Because getting six boys through the temple and off on missions is an impressive feat (alongside raising responsible men and contributors to society), it has made me really pause to analyze what Flint and Merri Sue did right as parents.  What we have right now as an extended family is exactly what I want for my own family years from now.  I know there is no one right way to raise a child and that often times one approach may work for one child but completely backfires with another.  And there are absolutely no guarantees either.  Even if I do everything "right", my children still have their free agency to choose whom they ultimately want to become.  Believe me, I will love my boys unconditionally!  No matter what.  But be worried or scared or disappointed for them in some of their decisions?  Yes, definitely yes.  This parenting gigue is kind of scary sometimes!  But for some reason, it's reassuring to know I have two very excellent examples to try to pattern myself after.  And I'm super lucky to have Bron as my partner in this parenting adventure as well.  He's a good dad.  Together we're trying our best, learning from our mistakes, and praying for some extra help along the way.  Wish us luck!

Anyway, back to Call and his mission, we all made it to church yesterday to hear Call speak in sacrament meeting.  I thoroughly enjoyed his talk!  It wasn't boring at all.  He referenced a few scriptures and used lots of personal anecdotes.  I don't think I've ever heard Call speak so many sentences in a row, but I was impressed with his level of maturity.

Then afterwards, family and friends gathered at the house to eat and talk.  We moved to another room, ate and talked.  Helped the kids out.  Moved outdoors, ate and talked some more.  The men changed water with farmer Talon.  Then we ate and talked some more.

And that was our Sunday!  Good times.  Good memories.  I sure love these folks I get to call family.  Best wishes on your mission, Call.  We will miss you!          

^^The whole Nelson crew sans little children.  And yes, three of us ladies are pregnant!^^

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  1. I was just having similar thoughts this weekend about parenting. Boy it's tough! You hope you're doing enough, but yet your kids are their own person, and make their own decisions. It's kind of scary. Hailey will be 8 in just 1 1/2 years. That's it! Have we prepared her enough to combat Satan and make good choices? At least we have husbands to work together with. Heavenly Father certainly is wise to send us to Earth in families.


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