Our Seven Foot Snowman and Other Fun Snow Things

^^May I introduce our 7 (maybe closer to 8) foot snowman with teeny T-Rex arms.  A family work of art!  We couldn't have done it without Bron home.^^
^^Putting on the carrot nose.  Classic.^^
^^The backyard winter wonderland!^^
^^Bron helped the boys make a snow fort out of the old play-set that blew over in the wind earlier this winter.  It was hit!^^
^^Defending the fort from Mom and Dad with snowballs!^^
^^Jed was out to get me with that snowball!  I love that mischievous little face.^^
^^Incoming snowball!  Haha.^^
^^Big fat snowflakes and a tiny sledding hill in the neighbor's yard.  A winter moment to remember!^^

On Monday night we went to bed listening to the wind howl and on Tuesday morning we awoke to a winter wonderland!  It was a beautiful surprise.  And an exciting way to kick off Christmas break.  We were all geared up and ready to take on the new snow soon after breakfast.  Even Bron took a breather from his computer work to come play.  We spent approximately two hours in the backyard delighting in the magical white stuff--which just happened to be the best packing snow I've probably ever seen!  Thus, our giant 7 foot snowman with teeny T-Rex arms was born.  Haha.  He was awesome, though he unfortunately keeled over and died very young.  We also built a "snow fort" and had a snowball fight before sledding down the neighbor's toddler-sized hill.  The snow continued to fall all morning in big fat flakes.  It was pretty dreamy.  I admit, just the thought of it all puts a smile on my face.  What happened Tuesday morning is the best part of winter: unexpected magic and fun.  I hope we get to do it again.


  1. I love it! We've had a few days like that here, as well, with all of our snow. Although we haven't even come close to a 7 foot snowman!

  2. Gah! Soooo much snow! It looks so cold, but so fun!


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