Salt Lake City Mini Getaway

Top 3 Highlights of the First Weekend in December:

1.  Baby Shower/Surprise Bridal Shower!  On Saturday we threw my sister-in-law Nichole a baby shower in Ririe!  She's due with her first baby next month and we are all so excited for her.  As nervous as she is, I know she is going to rock at motherhood.  She is just too genuinely all around cute and hard-working not to be.  However, not all the gifts in the room were exclusively for Baby.  Chantee had no idea we were celebrating her too!  Chantee was a hoot.  I can't believe she wasn't embarrassed when she opened up the furry handcuffs from Aunt LaTawna.  "Bring it on.  I'm so excited!" I believe I remember her saying.  Looking forward to Kaleb and Chantee's wedding next month!

2.  First Presidency's Christmas Devotional at Temple Square.  Bron and I got to sneak away to Salt Lake City Sunday afternoon (Thank you Grandma Nelson for watching the boys!) to attend the annual Christmas Devotional held by our church at the giant conference center adjacent to Temple Square.  Sitting inside the center it was so big, it was dizzying.  The room was so large I could not see clearly across it.  It was so weird!  But the messages that night were wonderful as was the live music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra.  I am so happy we got to go and soak it all in.  Jesus truly is the reason for this holiday season.  I don't think there was any better way to kick off the month of December or to feel that special Christmas spirit.  Plus, the lights at Temple Square?  Bonus!  And the nearly two hours we spent catching up with Amber B.?  Double Bonus!

3.  Rock Climbing.  Bron and I spent the night at the Plaza Hotel across the street from Temple Square.  In the morning, before heading back north to pick up the kids, we played for nearly three hours at a rock climbing gym.  We climbed till our hands ached and our muscles began to shake.  I can't emphasize enough how much fun it was to hang out--just the two of us, doing things we both love to do, and gabbing endlessly away.  I missed the boys, but twenty-six hours without them was a dreamy and relationship rejuvenating date.     

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