Snow Day Exploring

 ^^That excited little face!  I die.^^
 ^^Like a rocket!^^
 ^^It's tough work trudging back up the hill!^^
^^Distracted by the snow again.  But it tastes so yummy!^^
 ^^Over the hill and through the woods... exploring we will go!^^
^^That red bearded man right there?  I love him.  A lot.^^
 ^^These two are so spoiled.  Just along for the ride!^^
^^Yes, I make an appearance!  I need to hand the camera off more often.^^

On Saturday we made our way to to the top of the South Hills for a little fun in the snow.  First, we did a little sledding at Diamond Field Jack.  It was steep and fast but the boys loved it!  They careened to the bottom of the hill and often wiped out in the process.  But they came up out of the powder all smiles and hungry for more.  Then, before the fun turned sour, we decided to embark on a snowy hike through the woods.  We wound up on Eagle Trail pulling the boys along behind us in the sleds.  They thought it was gleeful fun!  And it was.  Even though the boys got snow in their boots and Levi had a run-in with a giant face eating bush (I sent him down a hill by himself.  Ooops!), they didn't whine and were as happy as could be.  Those delightful hours feel priceless.  It was just the mini adventure I'd been craving.  Plus, it was sooo pretty!  Those snow-covered pines are eye candy for the soul.  There's no better natural high than fresh air and quality family time.     


  1. What fun! My girls have never been sledding. It's sad, but true. We're hoping for snow over Christmas so Kyle can take them.

  2. Seriously---we need to go to Idaho one winter. I dont know when, but i want to go and spend the day doing this with my kids. They have never seen snow. Should we change our Thanksgiving plans and have everyone go to your house? Haha. We are going to India again next December but i have to find time to bring the family to visit you in the winter. This is absolutely MAGICAL!!!

  3. We have had no snow here (sigh!) In fact, we've been having 60 and 70 degree weather in December! The trees are ready to bloom, and birds have been chirping like it's the first day of spring. I'm not sure what to think... Our sleds our hanging in the garage...waiting!


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