Greeting Santa at Brunch and a Birthday Shout Out

We're eagerly counting down the days til Christmas!!!  On Saturday I took Jed and Levi to the Blue Lakes Country Club Christmas Brunch.  There was coloring and sugar cookie decorating and delicious food.  But the best part by far was the reaction my boys had when Santa walked in the room.  It was priceless!  I am still laughing about it.  Jed was excitedly awe-struck and Levi, well, he was so thrilled he hugged the man's leg!  Classic.  These two boys are believers and it is so much fun.  Christmas (and life in general) is all centered around them, but it is more than worth it.  That delicate innocence is something I am really cherishing right now.  I wish I could freeze time!

Also not to be overlooked, is Bron's 32nd birthday that occurred yesterday.  We celebrated our handsome red-bearded father and husband all weekend long.  He went skiing and out on a fancy date (with me!) and was spoiled with a peanut butter mousse pie.  He deserves it.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without that hardworking, patient, selfless, adventure-seeking man in my life.  Happy Birthday, Bron!  I love you.

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