Saturday Afternoon

 ^^Gimme some of those Jed dance moves!^^
^^Levi wrapped up and zonked out in the grass.  Poor kid still needs a nap from time to time.^^
^^Boy, noun: A noise with dirt on it.^^

We took advantage of the sunny skies on Saturday and played outside.  (I was going stir crazy all week cooped up inside the house due to nasty winds and lower temperatures.  Fall, come back please!)  We let the boys lead the way on our hike around Dierkes Lake.  There was a point in there when Jed's hands and arms were completely covered in mud!  Ooops.  Then Bron and I got to spend an hour or so bouldering.  I absolutely love that stuff.  Due to sheer willpower alone, I figured out how to climb a certain "problem" on my own that day.  Woohoo!  I can't wait to go back and conquer some more.  Anyway, all that fresh air and exercise wore us out.  Between the four of us, we nearly polished off an entire Costco pizza!  Whoa.  Saturday was a good day, exactly what fun family memories are made of.

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  1. I love that Levi fell asleep. I'm amazed he'd do that. He must have been really tired. Mine would just whine and cry instead. :) Your family adventures are so fun!


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