Bubble Baths

^^I love, love, love this picture and the boy inside it even more.  You guys, Levi is still so little!  Sometimes I forget.  This picture just makes me want to squeeze him!^^
^^Behold the pouty lip: the reason Levi often gets whatever he wants.  I think I told him 'no' he could not walk along the walls of the tub because he could slip and fall!^^

I am loving our morning routine these days while Jed is at kindergarten.  It's so quiet and {generally} peaceful with just one child around!  Jed and Levi have been fighting like cats and dogs lately, so the nearly four hour break I get from acting as their referee comes as a welcome relief.  I think Levi likes the one-on-one attention as well.  We pal around together at home.  He usually earns a sticker by helping me with a chore.  Sometimes we play a game or build a barn with Lincoln Logs on the floor.  Many days, Levi is thrilled to watch some cartoons while I exercise.  Then he plays in a bubble bath while I shower and dress.  I think that's my favorite part: watching his imagination come to life as his cute little naked body swims in our giant tub.  I wish he could stay little and here at home with me forever.

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  1. Adorable! I love my time with Keira while Hailey is away at school too. It really is so nice to have some dedicated time with the smaller one. I don't know about your house, but around here the older child tends to get more attention because they can do more.


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