Rain One Day and Snow the Next. Welcome November!

 ^^Making waves!^^
^^Soaking his "glubs"^^
^^The last of my pretty yellow roses.  Thankfully, they return and grow like weeds each year.  Perennials are God's gift to those of us with very black thumbs.  ;)^^
 ^^Enjoying a couple extra morning hours with Dad before he had to leave on a work trip.^^
 ^^Giving his new friend a sweet hug... and then I'm pretty sure Levi took a quick bite out of him!^^

On Monday after Jed went to school, Levi and I dressed in our jackets and rain boots to play in the rain.  Levi made waves in the puddles!  When we came in, we dried off and drank hot chocolate with mini marshmallows together.

On Tuesday after Jed went to school, Levi and I dressed in our winter coats and boots to play in the first snow of the season!  Levi tried sledding.  Then we built a snowman chuck full of yellow leaves and grass--but I like a friend with a little color in his cheeks, don't you?  The hat, sunglasses, and scarf were all completely Levi's idea.  I think he nailed it!  So cute.  When we came in, we dried off and drank hot chocolate with mini marshmallows together.

November is officially in full swing and so is the weather.  It makes me wonder a little bit about what tomorrow will bring!  But with November also comes thoughts about gratitude.  One thing that drives me crazy about my children is their insistence on always wanting more: more fun, more candy, more books, more toys. And they want it right now.  It's all a natural part of childhood.  However, I got to thinking about how much I am ironically just like my own children and I'm supposed to be the grown-up!  I want so much and I want it all NOW.  Just like my children, the patience and discipline to wait can be hard.  And just as I teach my children to focus on the positives-- to focus on what they do have and the fun they just had--I, more than ever, need to do the same.  I have so much to be grateful for right now.  My life is not perfect, but it is over-flowing in blessings.  I'm a glass half-full person by nature.  Finding the silver linings in situations comes relatively easy for me.  But as I've made an effort to really be content with my life as it is in this moment, I am finding even more happiness.  I don't need anything more than what I've already been given.  Contentment in the here and now, yes, I think that's what I'm learning this month.           


  1. I can't wait for snow! It's still in the 70's here, which is NOT at all a typical November for us. :-(

  2. I always love your pictures! And I am oh so jealous that you got snow, I can't wait for it to hit us! Cutest snowman ever, I love the leaves, they add so much!

  3. Beautiful and so much fun! Also I have to correct might never find Hidden Lake, because it was called Lake Cleveland (oops, sorry). It is beautiful and I highly recommend taking your family there. Camping is only $10 per site and very well taken care of so it would be a fun overnighter.

  4. These pictures are great!

    WI weather is very similar, although we haven't had any snow yet.

  5. It's been warm (in the 70's) here. I can't believe you already had your first snow! Yes, this month I'm taking time to count my blessings too, and I'm trying to teach Lewie (and my husband) to do the same. Too often we start focusing on the negative and what we're lacking. Here's to you my friend and all the blessings in both of our lives. Enjoy this special pre-Thanksgiving season!


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