Halloween Sneak Peek!

^^Avenger knock-out.  Sorta.  This is what boys do for fun... all day!  I love Hulk's wind-up followed by Captain America's right hook.  This little series made me laugh so hard.^^
 ^^Channeling his inner Captain.  Is this really my five year old?^^
 ^^I asked Levi to show me his 'hulk smash' face and this is what I got.  I can't quit laughing!  This kid doesn't need a mask.  All he needs is some green paint.  Nailed it.^^

Wishing you a very safe and
Happy Halloween!!!

From Captain America and The Hulk


  1. Their costumes fit their personalities so well! Have fun trick-or-treating.

  2. Awesome pictures! Are you going as a superhero as well? ;)

  3. I love these pictures. So fun! Especially the gif- so funny! I just can't get over those huge hulk hands, so stinking cute on that little guy.


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