Swimming Lessons

^^There are just four kids in Jed and Levi's little swimming class.  Bless their teacher!  She's so cute and patient with them.  The kids show their attention by touching their noses.^^
^^Practicing 'monkey, airplane, soldier' swim moves^^

The boys started swimming lessons at the Y this week!  Needless to say, they are both overly enthusiastic about it.  Jed and Levi love any excuse to play in the water!  They're little fishies, already comfortable with submerging their faces in the water and holding their breath.  My goal is to get them swimming on their own though before summer comes around again.  I think swimming is such an important life skill.  What a relief it will be when I won't need to constantly worry about their safety around water.  That's why the boys will probably continue with lessons throughout the winter--that is if we survive Levi's locker room shenanigans.

You guys, Levi is a three year old terror. I don't know whether to get mad or just laugh! In the locker room today Levi turned on all ten shower heads. As soon as I had those shut off, he had every single sink faucet running full blast... all while he ran around butt naked squealing and laughing.

It's a game. I probably won't win.


  1. How cute. My mom made each of us girls take swimming lessons just so we knew how to swim and swim good. She called it an absolute must life skill!

  2. I agree on the necessity of knowing how to swim. That's why I've started my girls so young. Though they both have a lot to learn still. You are smart to do lessons during the winter. Smaller classes, plus hopefully they'll be ready to play by summer!

  3. I found your blog on another that I follow. Just wanted to say hi and tell you that your boys are beautiful!!! I hope they love their swimming lessons!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. I've had Lewie in swim classes for about four years now. This year was truly the first where I've really seen an improvement and have felt more comfortable with his swimming ability. It sounds like your boys love it, and Levi loves the locker-room too. Oh, I can't imagine having to shut off ten shower heads all running at once. What energy!


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