Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

 ^^Jed's rock star stance cracks me up!  He did this several times, riding to the bottom of the slide in style.^^

 ^^We let the boys lead us through the giant straw maze.  Amazingly, we did much better than the deer that apparently got stuck in there for two days.^^
 ^^The looks on our faces!  Classic.  Even though they're slightly out of focus, I love, love, love these photos.^^
^^Fall is totally showing off her pretty colors here.  Jed says this looks like candy!^^
 ^^Time to pick our pumpkins!  Jed was soooo excited.^^
^^My boys.  That light.  It's like a slice of heaven and I'm swooning.^^

Jed must've had the time of his life at the pumpkin patch last year because he has been talking about going again for months now.  I'm so glad he remembers!  Even better, I'm happy that we're able to make going to the pumpkin patch a seasonal tradition.  The four of us headed over to Tubb's Berry Farm for some quality family fun last week.  We got lost in the straw maze, careened down the giant slides, fed some goats, and chose just the right pair of pumpkins for carving into jack-o-lanterns.  An evening doesn't get any better than that!

I am so thankful we live in a world with orangey-glowy Octobers!  I am also grateful for outdoor adventures like this that allow me to soak in the sunshine, unwind, and reconnect with my boys.  It's like pushing the reset button.  And I need it often.  So here's to dropping the to-do list to make time for the people that matter most and to more thoroughly enjoying this one precious life with which I've been blessed.       


  1. What awesome pictures! That slide looks fun. :)

  2. My favorite time of year! Always makes me miss home though. That last picture's lighting is perfection.

  3. Oh goodness... these pictures are fantastic!


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