Fall Trip to the Boise Zoo

^^The Zoo crew: my mom and brothers, Michael and Ryan, with Jed and Levi.  Oh, and me too!^^
^^When Levi saw this tortoise on the move, he took off running to find Grandma.  He animatedly stretched out his arms and informed her that, "It was thissss BIG!"^^
 ^^Happy faces on the carousel ride!  Jed cracked me up riding the giraffe rodeo style.^^
 ^^"Prairie doggin' it."  Haha!  I had to.^^
 ^^These baby birds are too cool for the nest!^^
 ^^Seriously cool.^^
 ^^Selfie with a llama... cuz it's funny!^^
 ^^Feeding the goats.  Jed + animals = cuteness.  He has a tender animal-loving side to his little person.^^
^^Levi saw this old truck on display and was immediately obsessed.  "It's the Hatari truck, Mom!" Hatari is an old John Wayne movie and it's one of the boys' favorites.
^^Stare-down with the lion.  Hands-down awesome.^^

A couple of weeks ago--on Thursday October 1st to be exact--Jed didn't have school, so we loaded into the car for a fun-filled day with family at the Boise Zoo.  That is, if I could find the zoo!  There were no signs for the zoo anywhere.  And after driving two loops around downtown Boise on one-way streets and missing the entrance TWICE, I was ticked.  The parking lot was right there but I couldn't access it without spending another ten minutes going around the block again.  So I did what any irrational and hormonally out-of-whack Wade would've done: I drove the car between a fence and a tree.  Naturally.  I won!  Or so I thought.  I quickly realized that I'd torn a hole in one of my rear tires; like there was a four inch gash in it.  I swore.  I cried.  Then my mom helped me wipe my tears and we made the afternoon a good one after all.  

I think we are going to make going to the zoo in the Fall an annual tradition.  It's the second year we visited after school started and our experience was perfect.  The temperature wasn't scorching hot and most of the animals were out and active!  So, so fun!  This year Jed and and Levi were too intimidated to feed the giant giraffe, but they rode the carousel instead.  They ate all of Grandma's snacks, played on the zoo toys, fed some goats, and were fascinated by the animals.  Couldn't be more of a success!

As for the tire, well, my mom took the boys home with her while I got it all fixed up.  Stupid mistake.  Not one of my proudest moments, but hey, it happened and the boys can recall every embarrassing detail if you ask them, so I might as well write it down.

Thanks Mom, for entertaining us and feeding us and for simply being a listening ear.  We love you!!!


  1. It was a great day at the zoo! I agree, we should make it an annual event! It's a good thing you can laugh about the flat tire, now. My silly Jessie! We love you!

  2. We just went to a zoo nearby us too! I must admit that I would be really frustrated if there wasn't any signage to the zoo either. Thankfully you found it--flat tire and all. Yes, laughing at our mistakes is truly the best medicine. I know I can certainly relate!

  3. I love that pic of you and the llama making the exact same face lol. Also the one with Jed and the lion is beautifully captured. Ahhhh you make me want to go to the zoo.

  4. I'm sorry I can't stop laughing that you drove between a fence and a tree! Such a Wade thing hahaha! I remember the first time you drove downtown SanDiego and you got so pissed because every street was a one way street. Good thing we can laugh about it now, right? And I love that picture of Jed riding the carousel like a bull. So great!


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