Our Big Preschool Graduate!

Jed had his last day of preschool yesterday!  It's kind of silly to celebrate "graduating" from preschool, but at the same time, it feels like one of life's milestones that needs to be recognized.  I mean, my first born--the child who made me a mother--is going to kindergarten this Fall!  I'm left with very mixed feelings about it all.

"Yes!" I think.  "Jed will learn to read.  He'll begin playing sports.  He'll become more independent and grow into a really cool human that can do a ton of awesome things.  But noooo!" I inwardly scream, "I don't want Jed to lose his innocence or grow up too fast.  I don't want him to stop singing nonsensical songs on repeat or quit lighting up the room with his laughter.  But most of all, I don't want him to stop needing me." (Because the truth is, I'm pretty sure I need him more than he needs me!)     

Really though, kindergarten is not the least bit grown-up; it's just the very beginning of a new journey--and that's precisely what makes it so hard!  Kindergarten will be an extension of what we've already been doing, just adding Friday into the schedule... and four other tiny neighbor friends to enjoy the bus trips with.  Five little kindergartners living in a row.  Okay, the cuteness overload is going to make me smile from ear to ear.     

Congratulations, Jed!  You make me one proud and happy mama.

Bring on the Summer!

^^It's hard to get a good smile when your mom happens to be the photographer.  Ha!^^


  1. Coming from the bottom up kindergarten seems like a huge step! Such a grown up thing. But you're right it isn't really. Just the start of something big. And how fun you live surrounded by kids at the same step.

  2. Congratulations Jed! I feel the same way about kindergarten. It's the beginning of a whole new chapter. I feel more ready now that I've let the idea sink in this past year. I'm sure I'll still be crying as Hailey heads off for that first day.

  3. Congratulations to Jed! What a milestone! I really enjoyed watching Lewie go to kindergarten this year. I was worried about him growing up too quickly also, but luckily his school and his six little classmates are very kind, caring, and innocent. (I'm more worried about first grade in public school with 17 little classmates...) Thankfully, I think you have another year of Jed saying "Merry Christmas" to you at night. They definitely learn a lot more in kindergarten, but the sweetness doesn't stop!


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