Monthly Photography Challege: Gettin' in the Frame

Since May celebrates mothers, what could be more appropriate than featuring us mamas this month?!  I may be a photographer, but I have very mixed feelings about getting in front of the camera.  A part of me loves a pretty picture of myself and the other part is self conscious about all my perceived physical flaws.  Plus, for some reason, it feels kind of weird to steal a whole frame to myself; I like the people I love most in the picture with me!  So in honor of Mother's Day, some pictures of my boys with me... in real life fashion.   

Click around to see these talented mama's faces:


  1. I think sometimes it's harder for the photographer to get in front of the camera. You're your own worse critic! You look fabulous.

  2. What sweet photos of you and your two boys! I think we can all use more photos of us with our kids!


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