Highlights of Mother's Day Weekend

This Mother's Day, like every six I've celebrated in years past, was celebrated simply.  But I think this year was my favorite yet because one little boy is starting to grasp what this holiday is all about.  Jed came home from school this week with a couple of sweet surprises that he couldn't wait to share with me: a planted flower wrapped in blue tissue paper and a card with his face and name on it.  Bron helped the boys hang pretty flowers in the courtyard and hide my favorite candy bar in the freezer.  (I gladly shared my chocolate with those eager faces!)  The boys were mostly cooperative and happy all weekend long.  I was showered with cuddles and kisses.  However, what tops it all for me was hearing genuine wishes for a happy mother's day added into their bedtime routine.

Each night I turn out the light, blow some kisses, and whisper, "Good night.  Sleep tight.  I love you!"  This week Jed and Levi both responded, "Good night.  Sleep tight.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Mother's Day!"  It made me smile and laugh every time.  Oh, sweet boys.  If only you could stay this small and innocent forever!  You make me strive to be a better mother--a better person--everyday.  Please forgive me of my shortcomings because I am so happy I get to be your mama.  You don't know it, but you are my entire world.

Highlights Of Mother's Day Weekend:

::  Friday Nacho y Nacho night with friends.  Meaning, we ate decked out nachos with all the trimmings and watched Nacho Libre... and some Jimmy Fallon shorts.  We laughed so much!  And the kids got to play with their little friends till 10:30PM.  Yeah, parents of the year award!  But so fun and so worth it.

::  We took the boys out on their very first "mountain bike ride".  There are some easy trails--some made especially for kids--down in Auger Falls.  Levi took to the trails like a fish to water.  Jed, however, is still acclimating to his new big kid two wheeler.  He was a bit nervous!  Luckily, there's a handle on the back of his seat so Bron and I were able to take turns running around with him.  Our mountain bike riding trip was short-lived, but I'd say it was a success.  Everyone left feeling encouraged and happy and that's what matters most.  Jed and Levi were so proud of themselves!  (Haha.)

::  While doing some quick shopping at Fred Meyer, Levi asked me to buckle him into the cart.  "I under arrest!" he quipped.  "Help me out of jail!"  I told him payment was five kisses on my cheek.  He gladly obliged.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four... "Mommy, there's a buger on your cheek!" Levi laughed.  Eeew.  I guess someone wasn't getting out of jail after all!  I couldn't help laughing myself.  It's playful moments like that between my boys and me that make me happiest.  

::  Watching Jed proudly sing the primary's Mother's Day song in Sacrament meeting at church.  Oh, be still my heart!

::  After a delicious steak and potato Mother's Day lunch and naps, our entire family headed outside to play.  We went on a walk to "the bridge" and stuck our feet in the cold water.  Then we raced bikes around the cul-de-sac at home.  And finally, instead of dinner, we ate s'mores followed by popcorn and a movie where both little boys curled up in my lap.  I could just squeeze those kids, I love them so much!  It was perfect.

  ^^Can't get enough of that dirty little bum!^^

I hope all you amazing mothers out there had a wonderful day!  I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many loving and talented women.  I'm glad I get to grow and learn alongside you on this crazy fun journey.          


  1. It sounds like the perfect weekend! Outdoors, good food, good laughs, and friends and family. :-)

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like a great weekend and now I'm craving nachos!!!!

  3. What a fun weekend! This Mother's Day was my favorite so far too, for the same reason. Hailey was so excited she could hardly wait.

  4. We celebrated Mother's Day outdoors as well...IMO, it's the best way to do it! :) Gosh - such beautiful scenery where you live.

  5. that sounds like a very sweet mother's day!

  6. Happy belated Mother's Day, my friend! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend too. (My son kept on saying Happy Valentine's Day! I laughed when you said your boys kept on saying "Merry Christmas and Happy Mother's Day.") Your boys look like they're doing so well with their bikes. By the way, you look super fab in these pictures!

  7. Perfect Mother's Day weekend for sure!! You totally deserve it, momma! Your family is just the sweetest and I love your love for them! It's obvious that you and Bron are doin' the parenting thing right ;)
    Also, I am LOVING your bangs!


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