Kickin' Off Summer in California: Sea World

^^Relaxing and veggin' out to cartoons in the hotel room^^
^^Time to brush teeth and go to bed because tomorrow we are going to Sea World!^^

On Thursday morning, despite a light rain shower, we loaded up to visit Sea World!  Bron and I had prepped the boys a bit about seeing sharks and whales and penguins.  Needless to say, Jed and Levi were quite enthusiastic!  We were smart and brought the double stroller to save help save their little legs and energy.  We skipped the rides (Levi was too short anyway) and simply toured every part of the park--sometimes twice!  We hit up every show and made sure to sit in the "splash zone"--not too close though, ahhh!--for the Killer Whale performance.  It ended up being a perfectly warm and sunny day just before the business of the summer season started. We were exhausted by 4:00PM!

Oh, Jed would like me to clarify that we did go on a ride together: Elmo's Flying Fish!  I love those one-on-one moments with that kid. 

I know many people are against parks like this, but I honestly don't understand why.  They do so much good rescuing animals and returning them back to their habitat; it's a labor of love.  Plus, places like this are where many of us gained awe and respect for these animals during our childhood in the first place.  I know Jed and Levi are two of their newest and biggest fans!

^^"Reading" the map at the start of the day.  They were sooo excited to start exploring!^^
^^Jed getting a good view of Shamu.  The whale scared Levi away from the glass!  Haha!^^
^^The penguins are so cute!^^
^^The Polar Bears!  This one paced back and forth in front of the glass.  So cool.  The Beluga whale in this exhibit is one Bron and I love to see.^^
^^The turtles were my personal favorite exhibit.  One was GIGANTIC!  Really, so mesmerizing and peaceful underneath the water there with them.^^
^^Not so peaceful on this side of the glass though.  Haha!  Crazy Jed was trying to "catch" a fish.^^
^^We went to ALL the shows: we laughed at Pets Rule and Sea Lions LIVE, were enamored by the dolphins, and got splashed by the Killer Whales!  Levi had a hard time sitting still, but we still managed to have a good time and enjoyed watching the animals show off.^^
^^Inside one of my favorite exhibits: Sharks!^^
^^Feeling a star fish!^^
 ^^Ready to head home with their new "special prizes".  We let the boys pick out one toy each towards the end of the day.  Bron insists that coming home with something tangible will help Jed and Levi remember their experience at Sea World better.  I think he's right!  The boys have been sleeping with their penguin and whale ever since.  It's cute.^^


  1. Sea World was always one of my favorites as a kid! I'm hoping to tke our girls sometime soon ;) They're so cute!

  2. So fun!! I went when I was 14 and loved it. I would love to take my girls, I think they would go crazy for it, especially the sharks.

  3. Oh yay! It looks like you had so much fun. We missed the penguins somehow? Mack would have loved them. On your lower beach post:Levi totally could be a California surfer dude. He totally fits the part LOL

  4. We loved Sea World!! So happy you guys were able to go. It looks like your boys had a blast

  5. How fun! I love watching the sea turtles under water too. They are just so fascinating...


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