The County Fair

 (I know these aren't the best pictures.  I just snapped and ran with it.  And sometimes, that's better.)

Nothing signals the end of summer quite like the county fair.  I look forward to it every year!  For us, the fair isn't about the crazy carnival rides.  Instead, we prefer to wander around, stuff our mouths with greasy food, meander through the various talent exhibits and commercial venues, and best of all, see all the 4-H animals.  The FFA is a  big deal here and 4-H is a huge part of the fair.  Jed was in HEAVEN!  He ran up and down the barns with a huge grin on his face.  He was wired and so excited!  He wanted to pet every animal he could reach.  It made Bron and me laugh.  It's fun to watch Jed get so excited and to let him run wild; the fair is the perfect place for that.

The evening was one of our first outings as a family of four.  I am more in love with my boys than ever.  They make me happy. 

P.S.  This was our second trip to this particular fair--which means we have lived in Idaho for a full year now!  (First trip HERE)  I realized I am very happy to call this community home.  We love where we've planted ourselves and I'm becoming very attached. 


  1. Looks like fun! I miss the fair- also, you look fabulous!

  2. THis post makes me smile. :) I love the fair, too....and I LOVE the way you captured this fun time with your lovely photography!! Gorgeous family!!

    p.s. I'm giving away a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple if you are interested!!

  3. How fun! Your pictures look great and you look great. You guys look like you had a fun time.


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