Newborn Levi: One Week Old

I already feel an aching love for this newborn child of mine.  I am soaking this time in with all of my body and soul right now because this newborn stage is so fleeting.  Yes, even my sleep deprivation will end!

What I am loving most about Levi right now:

 His big wide cheeks and little chin
His short breathes and watching his tummy move
His silky dark hair
 His wide curious eyes
The way he purses his lips after nursing.  He's full and content!
Listening to his little grunts as he sleeps
His fuzzy little biceps and cheeks that feel like overly ripe peaches
The way he curls up on my chest and sleeps--for hours at night!
The wrinkles on his soft skin
How his crazy toes spread so wide
Holding him close and smelling that sweet natural baby smell
Gassy {cute} grins
How hiccups make his whole body shake
How Levi knows his mommy: my voice, my smell, and it's comforting to him.
His wrinkly forehead
How he likes to stretch out!  I can't believe he fit in my tummy.
His pure innocence


  1. He. Is. SOOOO. CUTE!!! YOu make cute babies ;)

  2. There's nothing like newborn babies. I feel like I can smell him through the computer screen! It goes by way too fast!

  3. Ok, I need to squeeze some baby cheeks! He is ADORABLE!! Seriously. Congratulations!


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