Adjusting to a Family of Four

I wouldn't be honest if I said that adjusting to life with two little boys is a breeze.  Between outrageous hormones and a lack of sleep, I may have cried a few tears... more than once.  It's crazy how terrifying a tiny nine pound human being can be.  But even though welcoming a new baby into our home is an adjustment, life with two little boys is actually very good!  Or maybe I'm just still running on adrenaline?  I may hit my wall in a week or two, but so far, I think I can do this.  I must have had this nightmare of what my new reality would be and it's not like it at all.  I know I'll have some good days and bad days, but with the experience I've had so far as a mother to Jed, I know that the good outweighs the bad tenfold.  My plan is to keep my expectations low on what I can accomplish in one day.  And if my boys go to bed happy, then I think I can call it a successful day.

So far, Levi has been an angel of a baby.  He only fusses when he's hungry or gassy (The boy can shoot poop three feet!  Not kidding.) and is content to sit and watch us for a few minutes before he needs to be scooped up and cuddled again.  Some nights are better than others, but Levi is already sleeping a peaceful 3-4 hour stretch, which leaves me feeling pretty good!  I love that baby boy more than he will ever know.

Now that I've left pregnancy two weeks behind, I feel like I can conquer the world!  Or at least run a marathon.  Not really, but I feel awesome--especially compared to how I felt after my first delivery.  I knew that pregnancy was tough on me this second time around, I just didn't realize how much.  I now have my body back!  I can bend over.  I have energy.  I can be on my feet for an hour without pain!  It's amazing.  I'm ready to be myself again.  Bron is especially happy to be getting his spontaneous and energetic wife back.  He fixed the tires on the double stroller for me and I've already taken the boys out on a few walks around the neighborhood.  In a few weeks I'll be running again!  However, my favorite part of each day is nap time.  Jed sleeps peacefully in his bed for a couple of hours while Levi and I curl up on the recliner together.  I love feeling the weight of Levi's little body on my chest and listening to him breathe.  I am relishing this newborn stage. 

Bron has also been affected greatly by our new addition.  He sometimes takes on the baby for a few hours in the evenings, which leaves him more tired than me!  But I'm grateful.  One night, I couldn't figure out what Levi wanted so Bron took him and told me to get some sleep.  I found them both passed out in the den at 3:30AM with the light on.  Apparently, Levi was just wide awake and wanted to see.  I have the greatest husband on the planet.

I think Jed is having the toughest time adjusting to a new baby brother though.  He has been much more whiny and needy and destructive.  He's been hearing "no" much more than usual, but I feel we have to discipline him because some actions just aren't acceptable.  He's a sweet boy though.  He's been very gentle with the baby and smothers his head in kisses.  He also likes to tickle Levi's tiny toes.  Jed is just starved for attention.  He's not used to sharing the limelight.  I moved a stack of books to the living room.  Jed chooses a few and sits close to me while I read to him and nurse the baby at the same time.  And though it's hard for me, I'm learning to put the baby down and rough house with Jed a bit in the backyard.  Jed needs me, and I need Jed.  That little boy makes me so happy.

I know the dust will settle in a few weeks.  Levi will grow bigger and sleep more regularly.  (And with his growth will come new challenges.)  Jed will adjust to sharing the attention with his baby brother and I will become more adept at taking care of two little ones.  Bron will get his wife back and perhaps we will be able to spend some more needed one on one time together.  I have hope for a great future ahead of us.  I feel as if I am living a dream come true: I have a loving husband and two little boys.  I feel content.  I feel like my life is supposed to be just this and it is very, very good.


  1. They look so cute together! But I wanna see more of mama!!! ;) Love you guys!

  2. I love that you are slowly adjusting and getting into the swing of things. Its an adjustment when you have to learn how to divide yourself between two little ones. I'm sure you're doing a good job splitting yourself between both of them... there is a reason they sleep so much when they are first born I think, to give older siblings time to adjust! lol.

  3. So adorable! So glad things are transitioning well for you! It only gets easier after those first couple of weeks!


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