Snapshots of Life Lately

I looove that wrinkly little forehead!

We've been busy, and yet, not.  There's just a little more to do to keep up with two little ones!  Sometimes getting ready for the day doesn't happen until 3PM.  It's been a week of many ups and downs.

On the downside:  Jed has found my buttons and likes to push them over and over again.  Raising a two year old can be rough.  I cried when I had to feed Levi a few ounces of formula in the evening (twice!) because I just wasn't producing enough milk.  It made me feel like I failed my baby; I couldn't feed him!  And I've already had those chaotic moments when both boys are crying and needing something.  (For example, Levi is starving and poopy while Jed wants his shoes on but he has a bloody nose!)  Oh yeah, and the dog ate my new tree in the backyard.

On the upside:  Jed's smile slays me every time.  I just melt when he flashes me a genuine smile.  My milk supply has since caught up with the tiny piggy.  And those chaotic moments when both boys are crying only last about ten minutes.  In ten minutes, everything is right again and everyone is happy.  We've also been going on walks, playing with the neighbor kids (which means a break for me to chat with other moms), visiting Grandma's house, catching a horse and buggy ride, reading lots of books, playing in the yard, watching movies, and cramming in a couple loads of laundry.  My favorite parts of the day, however, are still cuddling and staring at my newborn baby.  There is nothing sweeter than holding a newborn; he makes everything seem right with the world.


Side Story: While on a walk, I pointed out the cattails growing alongside the ditch to Jed. The next day we went on a walk again. Jed saw the cat tails and starting meowing.  I busted up laughing!


  1. Oh you are SUCH a good mommy!! I can only imagine what a change it is to have 2 little ones to take care of.... and I have no doubt that you are doing an amazing job!
    And Levi is SO precious! Lucky mama :)

  2. I love the pictures of Levi smiling and the one of Jed giving Levi a kiss. That picture is sooo sweet!!!

  3. ohhh this post makes even more excited to meet our little one soooo soon!!!


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