Two Too Soon

 The day Jed was born

Dear Jed,

Happy 2nd Birthday! I can’t believe you are two years old. You are growing up so fast. You’re a little boy now. I remember the day you were born, holding you in my arms, admiring every little curve of your face, your turkey neck, and crazy dark brown hair. That day, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the details of your personality or how much joy you would bring into my life. But now I know.

Jed, you are a riot. Sometimes I think I am living with a miniature crazy person that makes me laugh every time I turn around. I wish I knew what was going on in your head. You don’t talk much yet. You jibber jabber, laugh, and smile, and then sometimes end your paragraph with the word, “more”. That whole ordeal and all you wanted was a handful of pretzels. It makes me smile. You also say “hi” and “bye” to every friend and stranger we meet. Yes, you know exactly how to work a room with those words and your contagious smile! You are such a ham. One of my favorite things is hearing your view of the world from the backseat of the truck. You make your dad and I endlessly aware of our surroundings when you suddenly belt out an animal sound, or my favorite, a train whistle sound. I just want to bottle up that sweet little voice.

Jed, you are busy, busy, busy. Having a cast on this past month hasn’t stopped you from doing anything that you wanted to do: stairs, slides, playing in the dirt, and more. You just heave that heavy cast over an obstacle like a peg leg. It’s funny to watch you walk, but oh my, you’ve gotten fast. You can run with a cast! You saw some kids playing across the street and before I knew it, you had b-lined it for their yard. I admire your determination despite the challenges. I hope that’s a character trait that stays with you forever.

You’re a typical two-year old. You do not have good table manners and throw a fit whenever you don’t get what you want. You definitely have a temper. However, most of the time, you are the happiest child. You are my little sunshine and a tease. It’s apparent you have a sense of humor already. You like to tease me! You knew exactly where each shape went on your toy the other day, but kept avoiding the right one and giggling each time I said, “Not there!”

Much to my relief, you sleep like the living dead. Nothing can wake you once you’re out and you don’t like to be woken. You typically sleep twelve hours at night and another two to three hours during the day. Jed, you “sleep in” till 8AM almost every morning. I can hear you happily playing away in your room or crib. It’s amazing. Thank you!

There are many things you like right now. Among those things is milk. Some days I fear you’re living on a mostly liquid diet. You drink about two gallons of milk a week! You are currently obsessed with Elmo. You beg to watch Elmo and would watch him all day long if I let you. You lay on the couch with your feet against the backrest, totally enraptured by Elmo’s silly songs. You like to eat crayons and play dough and rocks no matter how much I try to discourage it.  You absolutely love animals, especially cows, horses, and dogs.  You also love trucks and tractors and playing outside… in the dirt. You get so dirty so fast! But I love that about having a little boy. Your dirty fingers and jeans show me just how much fun you’ve been having.

Jed, you are my favorite little playmate. I love holding you close to read stories (you LOVE books too). I enjoy building towers out of blocks just so you can knock them down with a proud grin. And I especially love playing outside with you: going for bike rides, swinging on the play set, or filling up your trucks full of sand and dumping them over and over again.

Jed, you are a very sweet little boy. Your bear hugs make me so happy. And your kisses are like chocolate candy; I can’t get enough. Whenever Dad and I hug or kiss in front of you, you insist on getting in on the action too. So Dad picks you up and we exchange hugs and kisses all around. It makes my heart melt.

Now that you are officially two and about to become a big brother, I am feeling a little sentimental. With all the frustrating moments that come as a side dish with this fun age: budding independence, communication barriers, and the dreaded "terrible 2's", I only hope that I'm doing enough to enjoy and remember all these last little one-on-one moments of equally precious and hilarious moments spent with you. I try to be the best mother I can be for you every single day, Jed. I’m not perfect, but I hope you can feel my unconditional love for you anyway. I love you so much! Thank you for being my son and making us a happy family.

All my love,

 Jed 16 Months Old
One of my all-time favorite pictures


  1. Happy Birthday Jed! You'll be so glad that you wrote this all down someday Jessie! He is too sweet!

  2. Happy birthday Jed!! That is so sweet! Wasn't he just born yesterday? It's gone by way too fast! He is such a sweet goober boy. I love him!

  3. Your letter was so sweet! Happy Birthday Jed!!

  4. Precious! Happy Birthday to Jed! and congrats to mom and dad for surviving this long ;)

  5. Precious! Happy Birthday to Jed! and congrats to mom and dad for surviving this long ;)

  6. Happy Birthday little guy! 2 years have gone by so fast.

  7. I felt like I was reading something that I shouldn't have. It's so personal. I love that I can relate because I have similiar feelings for my little one. His birthday is coming soon too. I loved how you put celebrated HIS day.


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