Jed's 2nd Birthday Bash

 Jed's second birthday bash included:

::  Green streamers and yellow balloons in honor of a John Deere Tractor theme.  I love decorating and making things just a little bit different.  I wanted Jed to know that April 25th is a special day.  It's HIS day, even if he doesn't really know it yet.  After all, this day is a special day for me too: it's the day I became a mother.  Jed's face lit up with delight when he saw the decor in the morning, especially the yellow balloons.  "Aboo" is his word for balloon.

::  Jed "helped" me mix the frosting.  He couldn't get enough licks of the fluffy fatty stuff.  Then according to true two year old fashion, he had a meltdown when I told him he couldn't play with the food coloring. 

::  My scrumptious cupcake creations turned out well!  I'm so glad Bron didn't give me a hard time about spending a bunch of money in the bakery isle this week because it was definitely worth it.  Dark chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, crushed oreos, and drizzled caramel.  Mmmm.... mouth watering!  Would anyone like some left overs?  We really can't eat them all!

::  At noon, two little neighbor girls came over to celebrate Jed's birthday and help us eat the cupcakes.  They're Jed's friends and we see them quite often.  We played outside yesterday and had fun blowing bubbles together.

::   Jed opened some thoughtful gifts sent from friends and family.  Jed even received some gifts all the way from Anna and Roxanne in New York.  It made me miss them so much!  It means a lot to have friends like them. 

Look at Jed's reaction to another Richard Scarry book!  Cows also top the list of favorites too.

::  Jed scarfed a yummy cupcake!!!  It was lunch.

 Yup, my son knows the good stuff.  Jed was a fan of cake and frosting.

::  I'm pretty sure Jed had a great birthday.  He was worn out by noon.  Jed spent the remainder of the day napping, reading his new books, assembling his new red cozy coupe car with Dad, and going out to dinner with us, his parents.  

Jed's birthday made me a bit nostalgic, remembering all the special events and feelings of the day he was born and how much he has grown and changed since.  Every time I look at Jed--I mean really take in the lines and curves of his face and the color of his eyes--my heart is reminded just how achingly deep I love this child.  

Jed, I love you and look forward to many more years of ooey gooey cupcakes with which to celebrate YOU!  


  1. I don't know about you Jessie, first peeps for breakfast and then cupcakes for lunch? ; ) j/k You are a super fun mom and I'm sure Jed really appreciates you making his special day really special!

  2. Happy Birthday Jed! Mommy did a wonderful job on your cupcakes...sure wish I could get my hands on one of those bad boys! :) You are oh so cute, birthday boy!

  3. oh my goodness those looked amazing! where on earth did you come up with those cupcake ideas! love them!

  4. P.S. I HAD to pin your cupcakes to Pinterest so that people would come to your blog and see those yummy things!!

  5. Yum! Those cupcakes look so good! I wish I was closer and could take you up on the offer for leftovers!

  6. Happy birthday baby Jed! Has it really been two years? He seems so sweet and those cupcakes look so good. way to go, mama!


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