Solid Food

Jed's first rice cereal meal

Tonight Jed ate his first solid meal! I think it was more breast milk than cereal, but it was a momentous milestone anyway. I know. I know. I just opened Pandora’s Box of smellier diapers and bigger messes. However, my baby is a growing boy. And he’s a big boy too. He needs more sustenance and my nipples are crying out for some relief.

Jed is definitely ready for some solid food. He has been eyeing our food for a few weeks now. During dinner, he watches intently as I lift a forkful of food to my mouth. At the cafeteria, he watches jealously as everyone else chows down and he doesn’t. I've let him taste such delicacies as ice cream, pasta sauce, and hummus… and he was hungry for more!

So tonight, as I brought that little blue spoon to his mouth, Jed leaned forward and swallowed. I think we’re on to something.

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