The Many Expressions of Jed

I have been preoccupied with two things lately: my baby and photography. The great thing about it is that I can combine them! I wanted to capture some of Jed’s cute smiles and expressions in some pictures that would be worth framing. If only everyone was as excited about life as a Jed! Well, staging a photography session (or three or four) with an infant and unpredictable weather was a challenge. I think I made more mistakes than I had successes. But I learned a lot. I’ve been taking pictures in full manual mode. It’s one thing to understand the different components of a photograph and the gadgets on my camera, and quite another to remember them all and apply them! Hopefully I will gradually get better at this photography thing because I enjoy it so much!

These pictures are my favorites. And now my camera has been sent away to be cleaned and won’t be back for two weeks, so there won’t be any re-do’s. I love my baby’s smiles and some of these pictures will definitely make it into his baby book, but I’m not sure if I’m dying to frame any. Tell me what you think! I’m totally open to suggestions.

Warning: Jed Overload!

I'm a sucker for black and white...

and cute lil' tushies too.

Lookin' handsome in his Sunday best

Lounging in the grass

Jed fully clothed in his tub


  1. I absolutely LOVE the first one of him in the tub! What a cute face and I love the lighting on it.
    Take as many pictures as you can now.. bc once the get mobile it gets a lot harder!

  2. Great job! The one of his little tushie is absolute perfection! I love it! How did you do your black and white conversions? They turned out really good.

  3. I just got a new camera for graduation, and am trying to get better at it too! I really like the black and white one with the three photos together like that. SO cute. I love the lighting for the first tub shot too.

  4. I LOVE the first two! The black and whites are classic and the one of his little booty and suaved hair is my favorite!!


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