Four Months

This picture just makes me laugh

I am a master diaper changer, burper, and soother. I can catch spit-up like a pro. I am Jedediah’s mother. And I’m learning what it really means to be a mother. It means I am no longer in charge: Jed is the boss man around here. Mothering is constant around the clock work. My life revolves around the needs and demands of someone else. My time is not mine. Some days it’s impossible to attempt any chore or even make dinner because Jed just wants attention. I don’t mind it most days, but sometimes it can be draining—not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Still, my baby just melts my heart.

August has been a very relaxing month; we didn’t need to go much of anywhere. Because of that, Jed and I have finally fallen into a loose routine—including naps! We’ve gone on long walks around the farm almost every day. Jed’s little bobble head zones right in on the cows and horses. He stares wide-eyed with his mouth gaping open! In the early evenings we lay out on a blanket underneath a tree next to the house. Jed gazes up, talks, and kicks his feet in excitement. It’s so cute! He absolutely loves to be outdoors. When Bron and I go running, we bring Jed along in the jogging stroller. He is incredibly content. Jed is such a good-natured baby and a goober. He likes to push himself off my lap so that his head hangs down over my shins.  I guess the view of the world upside-down is much cooler.  He just grins.  However, when he’s tired, Jed knows how to throw a royal fit. He’s without a doubt my child! I think I can handle that though. It’s been a wonderful few weeks. I’m not quite ready for the weather to change. I’m loving life just the way it is.


  1. That picture made me laugh too! I'm glad the two of you are enjoying eachother so much!

  2. cute. . .
    I'm figuring it out all over again too. Whew!

  3. Millie likes being upside down too.

    Isn't it funny how everything moves to a lower priority than the baby? I find myself waiting to go to the bathroom or eating until much later than is desired more often than not. :) It's the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced.


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